'Monkey Business' by Mr. Moose Films

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Monkey Business
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Musical or Dance
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An engaging film about someone who somehow lands a job dance-busking at the zoo. The acting was cheesy. But I enjoyed the dance teaching montage. Generally, it was an easy film to enjoy.


Our busking lead needs to come up with two grand in a weekend or else he's toast. His only real option though is dancing in a monkey suit and only Wellington zoo will grant him a (expensive) license to perform. Doesn't really help when their previous primate with moves was the best they ever had.

An enthusiastically acted but mean-spirited zoo director and female zookepper all too willing to help through a dance training montage [think F*Dance a few years back] kept this one kicking. Some really solid dancing on display, and a very cheeky sense of humour in general.


there was a certain charm about this the audience seemed to like the end dance with the banana and monkey. it at least made me smile. but product placement in the film havent we all moved on from that?
and how the hell did you manage to film in the zoo? usually they charge heaps for cameras. well done


agree, the acting was a bit cheesy. nevertheless it was a quite amusing one. well done. nice intro btw ;)


I was pretty fond of this one, and cheering for the monkey busker by the end of it. :-)


I quite enjoyed this film, but felt like there was something missing from it. Nice production value and quite good dancing too.


Good use of Zoo location and very dancy too integrated within the storyline. with a convincing problem & struggle for lead to get the two grand..

It didn't make much sense at times but..

Humor was well within the spirit of 48hours.. toothbrush for toilet cleaning.. classic.. the action was quite bit straightforward and could have been a bit better than just "I did that"

Montages could have been a bit funnier as it was a bit straight forward action action rather than fun bits thrown at it in the spirit of the rest of the short ideology..

And the ending.. wasn't quite there.. the story could have used some improvement.. additionally with some reasonings etc..


An enjoyable film guys! Solid performances throughout, with some excellent shots and well placed humour. I enjoyed the approach to the genre as well, tying those requirements into a narrative that didn't require much 'breaking out' of the world you'd created. Great job!
I found the story a little hard to follow at times, such as the purpose for raising the money - I didn't quite pick that one up till the end - but overall enjoyed myself and the conflict between the dancing monkey and boss. Well done team!