'Hira's Tree' by NIMLIN

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Hira's Tree
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Urban Legend
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I was intrigued by a woman whose previous 3 lovers had all died shortly before marrying her. However, we never got to find out why. Instead, the story focussed on a recipe to protect her current lover. It could have been developed better as a urban legend film with some sort of distrust of the myth, and also a backstory of who Hira was and why she specialised in protecting lovers.


Felt like quite a believable urban legend, as we focused on a local one that apparently should be of great benefit to those who have issues with luck - which I'd say three missed opportunities down the altar definitely qualifies as. Played it straight on the whole rather than using the previous tragedy as a comedic opportunity like a lot of teams would have.

Good use of the required elements but the voice over taking over gave it more of an after-school special than filmic feel in my book. Still, it set out to tell an original urban legend and achieved that. I would have just personally liked to have seen more a story developed by characters actions rather than essentially being described by the voiceover.


ok due to peer pressure and popular demand i have changed my reviewing technique. i personally don't like the star system but it has to be there so no offence anyone.

my film, i know what was wrong. but the highlight of my night was we made a serious film and nobody laughed


First half was meh and then... huh? Did I blink and miss an important plot point? No, the movie cut straight to the end like a collapsing sinkhole. Urban? No. Legend? Sorry not interested enough to dig it up a second time to look.


I enjoyed watching HIRAs TREE. nice & serious work. It really felt like a believable urban legend but I think there was some "storytelling" missing. nice music tho.well done


This was a film unashamed to be sentimental (I liked that the spell involved things like picking herbs, rather than the blood and guts that are all over other urban legends.) I think I missed something in the ending, though.


I liked the fact that no attention was drawn to the critical moments in this film, leaving it up to the audience to see it/or not. Hard luck losing 4 fiancees though. Very suspicious.

Will have to watch it again to decide what made this film not stand out for me. The reliance on the narrator was a bit overdone. Not a bad film...


Good on you trying something serious Nimlin,

The character development & story let me down..

And suddenly we are at the plate break scene.. after lots of talking.. that was supposed to make sense to everything.. bad luck?

B&W didn't serve much meaning either.. and music transitions were a bit.. inexistent?

I will have to watch again when ever this is in the screening room.

Overall.. It just didn't have the cinematic elements to be the serious film I wanted to see and hear..


An interesting Urban Legend tale, and a good achievement in maintaining a tone for this short that wasn't let down by inconsistencies in the narrative. I felt the voiceover did overpower the telling of the story that the audience was watching however, as I felt distanced from the character's emotional journey that was set up so well at the opening of the short.
The result for me left a vague ending that I didn't quite follow.
Well done NIMLIN, I look forward to future tales!


It had a promising start, and a middle of collecting herbs, but where was the end? Or ... why was the end (just breaking a plate)? Who was the new guy she was wanting to protect and did it work out for her? Sorry, I'm left with too many questions as a result of plot holes.