'Brains?' by Noise and Pictures

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Easily the best of the heat. It had the audience groaning, laughing, and giving heartfelt ahhhhhs. Easy to follow and good production value. And excellent makeup job!


Definite contender right here, folks. I've heard a few are popping up around the country and its not different in Wellington either with a number of films told from the zombies' perspective for once. However until you've seen this one I find it hard to explain just how original it was.

Just really damn good scriptwriting I guess, stomach-churning gore and make up effects, and a strong knowledge of the undead. From the first 'Brains!' groan of the film the film makers immediately had you in the grasp of their hand. So much so that by the time it ended I had completely bought into the character dynamics of four supposedly not living creatures and found it quite touching.

FORM A PACK. Well done, guys :D

Edit: On second viewing I'm bumping this up to a 5/5. Holds up amazingly well and even better with a massive crowd.


When an audience is quoting a film as they leave the theatre, you know you're on to a winner. Best of the heat.


This was by far the best in the heat. The audience was captured from the very start.. and even to the point where you left the cinema, all you could hear as you were leaving was "Brains? Brains? Brains? What did you think? Brains! FORM A PACK!" it was an amazing film to see. This film should be in the finals!

Go team Noise and Pictures! x


best comedy i have seen in ages. great make up and acting. nicely shot. wasn't it supposed to be horror?
definately the best film of the night but it wasn't horror


I think the audience loved that one - so did I. great humour, great make up. There is nothing left to be added.:)


This was the standout film in our heat. Zombies have feelings, too! They clearly had a lot of fun with their genre, going all out on zombie makeup, lurching acting, and a gross dinner party. Form a pack!


Wow so impressed. Great story, well executed, lots of gore. Maybe not so much as a horror as a zombie rom-com, but I loved it all the same. I'm very sad that the zombies did not thwart the evil humans. Will watch this one again when it's up in the screening room, but imagine that won't be until it goes to the finals.


GREAT Script, Execution & Originality .. AND in the very spirit of 48hours - BLOODY Innovative FUN HORROR!

I think I love zombies again.. people debated wether it was a horror movie but I think it was.. for zombies! Some nice suspense there with a great story... and I'm sure there were some V zombies in the audience who could see the point of view for horror..

And all those puns around added to it's charm.. like go to pack and separate from the pack.. priceless! And that radio broadcast and what ever happened in that dinner table.. I laughed long and good.. And frigging great makeup etc consistent production values with small nifty details all around..!

We just met.. Did you know him? Perfect POV switch story with some perfectly laid intense all around..

Hope to see you @ Finals! And def the best make-up of all Wellington 48hours Films this year too!

Must have brainnnnnnnsssss....!


An easy 10/10 for me! I haven't laughed so hard while watching a film in a LONG time!

Incredibly original with a FANTASTIC script and truly EPIC make-up and acting! Deserved every award it received and more...

LOVED the quote about the Humans being too fast and about staying in a pack. You also very skillfully added a touching love story in there!


I really pray that you guys take out the Grand final because you deserve it!

PS Loved the speech you did at the City Finals "B..R..A..I..N..S"

Adam - Colonial Tech