'YOLO' by Newlands College Clingfilmers

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nice, good plot, tad unclear at times but all came together at the end and gave the audience something to think about. Enjoyed this film


Totally biased 'cause I played the beleagured teacher in this short, but I thought it played really well at the heat tonight. Just the right mix of pathos and humour and I actually found the ending quite moving. Well done you guys!!!


Story: Boy with uncureable disease does some weird things but eventually saves someone else, and presumably dies as a result.

I did have a few "what the heck" moments with the scenes but I suspect that was what you were aiming for (so well done, I think). You almost dipped into comedy-only then pulled it back with the inspirational stuff at the end.

Nice play with the title becoming the "aaaahhhh, I get it" moment later in the movie. I thought you had a good story line.

Edit: Hmmm ... Media Studies teacher is the first name up in the Wrap-Up list for Writer, Editor, & Cinematography. Plus was an actor. What's with that? Sorry but I've revised my rating to reflect what appears to be a reasonable level of non-student input.


overall the film was terrible but it had moments that werent that bad, the yolo at the end really was a nice finish but you guys had the best idea and best represented your genre


This film made me think of what another wise man said..."I'm gonna change the man in the mirror...I have to change my way" The film brings this thing out in a straight-forward and logical way. I loved it! :)

P.S :: Mark, don't be such a biast reviewer... Infact, Newlands College reviewers all together; should stop being biast with their own films and 'putting-down' other films without any helpful advice for future competition entries...

As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)





A really well executed film that exceeded it's brief of "Inspirational" genre by a talented group of young adults.
The film cunningly drew the viewer into various judgmental scenario's before all was revealed by a breath takingly sad ending.
I even shed a tear (sob) at the well timed twist at the end.
Well done to the team involved with this masterpiece, you set the other entries a very high standard to match


I thoroughly enjoyed this film, i liked how you brought the film together at the end, without giving it away during the film. You had a good story line and it wasn't a cliché sob story. Well done :)


Dr Suess you Lil Biotch why dont you go and cry somewhere else


Good take on the genre that actually spent some time on character development and a resolution that was tonally good. Some real angst on show, and whilst the script was raw the lead actor showed some real potential. Basically a loner lashes out at anyone that tries to be nice or care for them.

Having said the script was raw I'm not actually saying that was a bad thing. You laid out your jokes and went for it which I commend you for eg, the don't-give-a-shit laugh was excellent. Pacing was decent too and the closeness of the domestic situation gave the film's ending impact.


fabulous movie, fit the difficult genre perfectly. It was funny, then had some shock value with the twist ending.


absolutely smashing... I thought the cinematography was great and there was the right amount of humor and insperationess


pree nice film guys i had a lot of laughs
nice effort


Absolutely beautiful inspirational with catchy ending & bucket list to do before the character dies..

Featuring a concerned mom and the rebel seeming son..

It all didn't make sense in the beginning.. but the ending really nailed it all.. BANG!

The line use was a bit dodgy though.. I can't find from my notes how the rest of the elements were used.. must have been sucked in to the screen to watch the story hehe..

The technical bits let you down though, for next year please practice some camera skills, smoother tripod moves and better sound.. I felt there was quite bit de-noiser added in to the mix as it sounded quite bit compressed/alien.. basically it's garbage in garbage out for sound.. there are no magic plugins to save for bad sound..

This was first of the two YOLO films played in all Wellington heats.. and it was second very good take to inspirational by a school team - You're beating the adults on this genre with your cunning story..

If you manage to practice a bit & sort those technical bits down.. you will do great next year!


This film was epic, a lot of laughs and what not, ending was very good, emotional, being dragged from the laughs into an emotional story of Nicky's Death