'The Legend of the Cut-throat Killer' by Estriatus

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The Legend of the Cut-throat Killer
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Urban Legend
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Some quite big plot holes in this film and was quite unclear at times where certain characters had come from and who they were. plot had lots of potential but unfortunately didn't live up to it. Sound was hard on the ears at times as was quite screechy


Really ?? You Call That A Film??? it was a poor effort even with the little time you had, when the body was found there needed to be officials around, reporters find out things after police nerps, i hope you guys get a placing though its always niice to see a film placed as a joke, it was a joke film too,
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Story: Journalist misses out on a big story but gets a stab on the next one, and then turns out to be ... wait, I better not give it away!

The retelling at the start and end had promise, but it got a bit lost with all the walking around the paths. I didn't get who some of the randoms were at the crime scence or why everyone was handling the mrder weapon.

Be careful not to use too much high pitch music - just try to use enough to build the tension without it dominating for too long a patch.

Have a read up on the copyright rules for next time and watch out for logos on jackets. The Tawa Fire Service should probably have given their approval for the use of the one at the beginning.

Your twist at the end was good but you needed to drop a few clues along the way to get the udience wondering as to who the killer could be. Nice closing credits with the use of the falling leaf.


I could tell this team worked hard on their dialogue, and seemed like it might have taken a few efforts to get those long expository shots bang on? Nevertheless a reasonably original idea following a journalist investigating a murder as their one last chance, with some nice shots and good dynamics when actors/actresses were paired together on screen.

It came across as having a bit of a dream-like feel to me, with the distanced chase that had no real sense of urgency, and then a solid little twist to finish. Made sure that each shot was well lit from what I remember so I'd probably play to your strengths of camera work in future and maybe be a little more ambitious with the plot.


The start had potential and i was keen to hear the legend , but was disappointed during the movie. Had such an awesome genre you could have done so much with it, i was left confused.
Maybe if you had tried something new and to the point i would have enjoyed it more, but was better then some others. Good effort :)


Great dynamic between the two actors in the frame story at the beginning and end. The lead was well cast, a moody looking down on her luck girl who descends into madness and murder.

The twist was kind of confusing, but also a little bit inspired. Film is a medium which works on the subconscious level first and foremost and should not always make logical, linear sense. Having said that maybe certain aspects of the script like the murder scene investigation by a reporter, could have been thought through more.

I don't think it was a total success, but I did quite enjoy this film.


The hard dialogue wasn't impressive in the acting sense.. the recipient was supposed to act as listener but was seeming to look elsewhere... eyelines & reactions are important.. perhaps it was just too many takes there eh?

please next time think if you need all those dialogue elements and think if you can do the story telling by cinematic way..

"Shut up I'm telling a story" didn't add much to the story of this movie.

The soundtrack I felt was a bit odd as well and ringtone wasn't sounding very real.. all these elements should not distract from the story or at least be consistent & laughable for '48hours charm'

"What ever see you tomorrow" didn't really do for an ending..

Better try next time.. please think if you need all that dialogue and instead of think how could you tell the same thing with just moving pictures & sounds juxtapositioned together