'The Leaf Keeper' by Restricted

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The Leaf Keeper
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Plot not bad, but had holes, to long spent on certain sequences and a tad repetitive throughout. "special leaf" not carried throughout the film only picked up at the end.


Story: Friend gets kidnapped, hero goes off to rescue her, lot's of people get shot multiple times, but in the end it's OK because the leaf is safe, so the hero goes on the run ecause she's a murderer.

Good try, nice title, and the story line had potential but it didn't quite hang together in the end. The concept of protecting the leaf could have been more of a focus for your plot.

Some bits needed shortening to make if flow better - a bit long was spent with the hero getting dressed at the start. And there was a lot of shooting, including the hero being shot several times and almost run down by a car early in the film ... just as well the villians were bad shots.

Looked like to put in a lot of work over the many locations and it gives you something to build on for next year.


Good sound effects, but the film was crying out for some digital muzzle flares and maybe digital blood bursts. Some of these can be found for free online otherwise consider purchasing Action Essentials 2 in case you get saddled with the action genre again. Despite this and one weird scene where the hero gets shot repeatedly from a car-bound gunman, I actually really liked the energy of this film. Maybe the "tooling up" scene at the beginning could have been tightened up in the edit, but there was quite a bit of pace and forward momentum overall. I also quite liked the multiple changes in the color palette, lending the film an almost abstract, nouvelle vague kinda feel (ok maybe that's going too far). Good effort guys.


Wow what a babe the audience was captivated, a great movie as well!!!!


started promising with those very funky edits.. fell a bit flat.. more story will help you next time..

a windshield over microphone would definitely help as well

in the spirit of 48hours there was it's own charm where we saw lots of shooting.. and lack of reaction to these shots... if you're serious about action you would need to pull the reactions off too..