'The Fairy & I' by Super 8

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The Fairy & I
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Fantasy Adventure
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I liked this film and felt it had good parts. Characters were quirky and fun. Fitted well into the Fantasy Adventure genre and plot was simple, clear and kept moving forward throughout the film


A Grade-A & Polished Product with a simple and easy to follow story-line. Hardly any problems and great SFX used that didn't spoil the work too much; hope you guys really make it far within the competition.
Don't really know what to write as to mistakes made in this film, because hardly any were made throughout the making of the product. The Story was thoroughly detailed and made me laugh too.
As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. ;)



You Get A Five Out Of 10 for the mushroom joke, i enjoyed the troll, your film just needed to have a higher quality feel like our film did, Dw, Shiit happens


Story: Girl gets knocked out by door then crosses into a fantasy word where she has to catch a leaf to return home. Helped by a Fairy along the way, while a witch/villian tries to stop her through a cryptic gypsy.

A classic simple story. Had some funny moments that made the audience laugh. I liked the opening of the door into the forest, the fairy arrival flash and his flying scene.

The gyspy voice was consistent throughout and it must have taken a bit of work to modify the villians voice but not those she was speaking with. It was a little bit hard to understand at times though so just be careful that you retain clarity when you tweak things.

Some good use of sfx and vfx, and the music selection was OK. The journey kept moving forward.

As with most V48 entries, there is always something that you could imporve on with more time and a second go at it, and I'm sure you can see a couple of bits that could be tweaked.

I gave you some of my points for the heat. I enjoyed not seeing anyone get murdered for a change and I think you gave it a good shot at sticking to the genre.


Very fresh and funny amongst many other "cliche" entries. Great to see no one got murdered and it was a refreshing take on the genre. Some well thought out camera work, the slow mo of the leaf was a good motif. The fairy was very believable, and the young Annie Lennox looks stunning on film! Not to mention that troll - fabulous!


knock off to the fantasy land..

Good on you sticking to your genre & the elements.. with a simple progressive plot.. with the falling leaf..

I felt it was ridiculous but in the spirit of 48hours it had it's charm.. audience gave big laugh as well... especially to those slow motion faces & closeups of the bridge troll's face..

I hated the crackling voice of the witch.. it didn't add much.. the ending could have been better too..


Fresh, amusing, funny, well constructed, imaginative


Fresh, amusing, funny, well constructed, imaginative


Thoroughly enjoyed this film, it contrasted well with all the other's screened in there heat, good too see no one was killed off. Cheesy jokes.. were funny in the end, the only bad thing about this film was that the fairy and gypsy/freaky lady did not have enough dialogue. That would of been awesome to see.