'Nicky Brick and the Funkys Licks' by Superfly

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Nicky Brick and the Funkys Licks
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Musical or Dance
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Didn't want to like this film. But I did. Very funny at times. Musicals always a good genre. Loved the one liner "family tree" good effort :)


I Dont Know If the fairy was more gay, or your film. i enjoyed the homemade music, it sounded like dying tigers but luckily for you i dislike cats. overall a top effort but because of your disgusting sick twisted minds, im giving you a rating of 1 for not e,mailing it to me before it showed. terrible idea, good job.


Story: To get the girl off the cool guy, the geek has to learn to dance with the help of a master with questionable taste in clothing.

At the start I thought: oh, no, this is going to be bad. But, damn it all, it wasn't. Or maybe it was, and that's what made it good. The characters were certainly cliche and the story line was tried and true.

I'd be interested in what rating you picked in your wrap-up form - M hopefully. What was that going down the inside of those tights?

Best joke of the heat with the Family Tree reference. The guitar beat got a bit dominating at times but everything else worked OK. A little bit of tweaking with the sound alignment in spots would have taken it up a notch.

I gave you some of my votes at the heat. Well done on producing a short that tackled both musical and dance.


Musical genre that was well done, despite the XXX rating. Acting was very good and excellently filmed.


This was a really funny film and i enjoyed it very much !
Well done guys!
Was happy to see you guys pushing the boundaries but keeping it good at the same time :)
Good Job! An loved the one liners


My favourite high school entry in many a year. Top stuff guys.

Our lead has a his breath taken away by the girl of his dreams, but lacks the funk she's after to let him stick it in her (I shit you not, that was the first song and it had the audience in stitches). Not only that, but there are wayfearer/leather jacket rivals who hold a lot more coolness at the start of the film.

Of course what's a good love story without having a progression to allow the chance to win a lady back/at least vye for her attentions again? And what's a good 48 hours film without a manic as fuck rainbow tight wearing funk guru?

The costume designs were tremendous, montage superb, the camera angles sublime and the pacing was like a runaway train. I wanna go listen to Maggot Brain now. Oh and you had the best use of the prop in the whole competition so far. Badass film on the whole guys, would watch again.


Really well made. Hilarious at times and musical adept


I literally fell out of my seat and figuratively shit my pants with laughter whilst watching this film. Top stuff.


One word: hilarious.


Apparently I was the one laughing the loudest during this film. Lots of great moments: The harness dance, the unexpectedly explicit first song, but my favorite aspect of the film was the overdubbing on the girl: weird, unexpected, inspired. This is a future cult classic. Awesome job guys. I hope you upload it eventually so I can watch it again.


The best musical/dance entry from Wellington heats this year in my opinion!

With very funny lines & small FUNK details that really made the film... like NAU NAU NAU...!

In the spirit of 48hours.. and the genre perfectly spot on.. The sherif was something really really fresh that really made me laugh hard!

And all those bits about leaf and father.. gold! I mean mixing a story about leaving because he wants to turn leaf like his father and then asking the lead to eat the leaf to gain FUNK..! intense!!

And that line.. "I'm not bothering you with my family tree.." made me laugh hard

And the crowning moments of this film at the climax.. the funk "climbing" in the pants & liftoff by literally lifting with a crane thing.. brilliant!

Next year if you can improve those technical bits further.. you'll be seriously golden with this comp and people will turn literally into FUNK by just watching your entry!


WOAH, this film was entertaining to say the least.. The crude jokes got a bit old in the end but overall nice job. Awkward how the "cool" guy in the film wore the same outfit he wore in the film to the screening.