'Nicky' by The Fanatical Filmmakers

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Erotic or Superhero
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Interesting plot and quite the thriller. I wouldn't quite class it as an erotic thriller but definitley a thriller. good effects, contacts in the eyes, blood etc :)


Story: Weegie Board season goes astray. Creepy ghost-like person ends up possessing the lead character with the inevitable loss of blood later in the movie.

Good on you for trying to do Erotic Thriller! It was a bit more Thriller/Horror with a couple of awkward bits thrown in, but in my view you did a better job at horror than the actual horror team in the heat.

It was interesting and had some twists to it, which you should be pleased with as it kept me watching to see where it would go.


I quite enjoyed this film. The story and acting was strong, in particular I thought the male lead portrayed his somewhat sleazy character to a tee and the girl who got possessed had a certain feline-like quality. The white eyes was a subtle but effective technique. The murder scenes could have been filmed a bit better in terms of shot coverage, but the image of the girl's blood spattered face was pretty effective.

While perhaps not an "erotic" thriller, what do they really expect when you're supposed to be aiming for an "M" rating ?!? Kind of an unfair genre in that sense. There was definitely erotic tension, particularly the hallway scene, but I guess you couldn't (and probably shouldn't) really have pushed this any further as a school team in V48 Hours. Overall, I think you did a good job. Well done.


not very erotic.. or superhero.. this tried to be horror.. connect the dead.. haunting..

The elements were not integrated very well either..

Nick, prostitute from 18 years back come to haunt the scrabble players.. with straightforward killing..

"Can we talk to elvis" & "What's with your eyes"

Details such as rocker chair going added but there wasn't enough of these if this was meant for horror... the plot was flat..