'Defeated' by The Oxymorons

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End of World
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I didn't get this film. confusing and I'm still not entirely sure what happened. not sure about the alarm sound all the way through, was a bit distracting. I bet that water was cold !!!!


Let me just outline the film...
Mistake #1 :: Story
Don't get me wrong...the idea was solid enough to capture my attention, but the content and input that your team put into the film ruined the chances of this film getting far. At times, the film jumped from one place to another without adequate transitions, and it confused the audience with the thought of "WTF is going on...?" Also, don't let the audience read alot of text at the beginning of the film...

Mistake #2 :: 'Ending'
Zombies to Rugby Failure. Appropriate? In this case...No! How would this have made the world end, infact; it doesn't make sense in how the world ended though what the audience saw...

Mistake #3 :: 'Annoying ALARM NOISE'
As we understand, the events taken place were just a dream. But was it really nessessary for the audience to go through 4 and a half minutes of 'Ear-Torture' just so we somewhat understand what is happening??

Mistake #4 :: Camera-man visible in one scene
There is an anonymous 'figure' in a normal standing position either filming the scene or taking a photo in the final 'jumping in water' scene... Not good in film terms
Sorry to disappoint, but this had to be a bad end to the screening night with so many errors. I hope that you do learn from this and compete next year; I expect so much from "The Oxymorons"; and it can achieve many great standing ovations. As they say, "The Proof is in the pudding"
As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)



fantabulous girls!


Story: The Zombies have to leave town fast because the humans are coming!

The concept was good - you just needed to develop the story more. There was a lot of running going on, and I'm not sure where the leaf prop was used (sorry). The zombie make was good.

Read up on the copyright rules (and then read them again) so that next year you remember to take down all those posters and avoided weaing branded sweatshirts.

Watch out for getting random people in the backgrounds when you're in public locations and take care to avoid filming other crew members. Keep practising and aim to improve on this years effort the next time around.


i wasn't excited to see the movie ended the way i was expecting , cliché, i didn't get the story maybe next time develop the story more. There was a lot of running going on, and it didn't go anywhere and found that pointless.
Better luck next time


Halloween 2011 the virus struck that ended the world. Zombies are the survivors and have plans to deal with those pesky humans that hunt them.

I kind of like a decent dream-within a dream film, and the zombie subgenre has my favourite example of this of all time - queue Nightmare City. However this didn't really go anywhere or if it did I was distracted by the obnoxiously loud alarm that ran for most of the film.

However props for taking a swim. Does nobody else remember how fricking freezing it was that day??


I liked the catchy ending of this with the world cup ending.. but it didn't save this movie a bit alone..

Also zombies don't talk or run.. and that alarm clock was just going.. good effort on jumping to the water though!

Next time please research little bit of the topic & behaviors and do a bit more script than try to catch with the ending.. it does have greater effect but think of your movie more first rather than some catchy wrapping.. and there are very good cheap creative DIY solutions to create a windshield to the microphone so you could capture better sound... practice makes much better so hope to see you next year!