'Daylight Horror' by Newlands College Cinephiles

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Daylight Horror
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not what I would call a horror. guy peeing on the other guy was un-needed, was a laugh, but not needed. missed golden opportunity for gore when nicky was found dead. reason behind killings was unclear and other than that no real plot.


Story: Agrieved Fencer (sword, not farming) takes out his vengence on a bunch of semi-drunk teens in a concrete bunker.

More of a revenge theme than horror. Think about what kind of sfx will enhance the scene (some sqidgey noises during stabbings would have been cool).

I'm not sure the daylight part helped you - it would have been more convincing later in the day when the light was naturually a bit more freakier.

You could have really gone to town with some fake blood, especially with the first dead guy who looked a bit like he was more asleep. But then, if someone has just pee'd on you ...


A plot and setting that could have gone, hand-in-hand, and together make a great film. However, the story was poorly acted and somehow Nicky died without much bodily mutations what so ever...
Mistake #1 :: Story
Just to sum it up... There is no 'tension' within the story that gave the audience a real and authentic 'scare' as Horror films are supposed to provide. The reasoning behind the 'killings' of people weren't explained in huge details as well... Connections between scenes would help a huge lot, especially when explaining the story to an acceptable amount.

Mistake #2 :: Music
Just somewhat disappointed me slightly. Didn't give the audience a thrill, as any attempt to, would just result in the anti-climax it provided... A pointer for next year, put more focus on the music according to the genre you receive; as this portrays the story in a much more detailed light.
Hopefully you learn some important things through having this experience. As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)



Really poor story line with underdeveloped plot, characters and execution.
Sadly the only highlight was the poor guy playing Nicky getting pissed on..... (Please tell me that scene was simulated)
Despite this, you did get a sympathy vote from me tonight as my neighbour's son goes to Newlands College
Oh BTW, no tears were shedded in the watching of this film - better luck next year Cinefiles (sob)


Walked in on the end of this one which had some good toilet humour and fencing on show, with strong audience laughter. Will update the review once I see the full film but liked what I saw.

Edit: this team is behaving atrociously. Had given the film a 7/10 based on what I had seen which made me laugh, but now cannot fathom giving it a positive rating of any kind. Behaviour will be brought to judge's attention, probably the school's if it continues.


Great setup and probably the coolest location for a horror movie. I feel as though the film was lacking one or two more scenes of suspense involving the final girl. The worst part of any horror film, even good ones like Scream, is when the killer's motive is revealed, robbing him of his power to scare through the act of making him knowable. Some nicely composed shots using objects and building to frame the action. I hate to admit it, but I was craving a bloodbath somewhere in this film. Where were the shooting geysers of red? Quite a few nice little moments in this short film, nonetheless.


Excellent Film


Displayed the genre very well in my opionion,
Good job :)


Nothing, Absolutely Just Nothing

Daylight and horror does not go well either.. I was thinking this might be a fresh risky take to the genre but yet I just found another team who didn't even bother and ran some absolutely terrible jokes..

Highlight of the flick seemed to be (flick's point of view) the peeing over to lead character...

Not cool...

Though this might be horror for the dads/moms..

I also noticed your behavior in the comp.. terrible.. completely not in the spirit of 48hours.


Hey guys - you guys are mentioning "atrocious behaviour by the team".

Is this due to the fact that only one of them stood up in the theatre at the end of the screening?

If so, this is kind of a misunderstanding (I was the one girl who stood up - also the one who terribly played the girl who slaps "Nicky Brick", and the girl who died by getting her foot grabbed from below. Terribly acting, but to be fair, I never intended to be an actor until we realised the lack of girls on the team) - only me and one other girl in the team was able to make it, and she was way up the back, meaning that it looked like only I stood up, implying bad teamwork/team spirit.

Sorry if you guys thought it was terrible team play, or whatever. It came off really badly and wasn't intended that way.

And yeah, I know it's kind of crap. :P But we had fun though, and there are a few shots and a couple of scenes that we really liked. Personally, it was my first V48, and I've certainly learned a lot - certainly a lot will be done differently next year.

Thanks for the constructive feedback. :)


Just to set the record straight. After some sleuthing it has become evident that the negative reviewer going by the moniker "Cinefiles" has no association with the Newlands College Cinephiles team or Newlands College for that matter.

Unfortunately, this troller has sullied the team's name and obviously earned the ire of several other reviewers. The Cinephiles (note correct spelling) are actually a great bunch of young people who would not stoop to such behaviour. That's the thing about the internet, I guess - anyone can be anyone.

I would very much appreciate it if people would edit their reviews of this film to remove any damning criticism that is based on your reaction to reviews posted by "Cinefiles", a rapscallion who should indeed be ashamed. Many thanks.