'Case #23' by Newlands College Cineastes

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Case #23
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Plot pretty good, sound quality not good, traffic sound and wind, so couldn't hear what was going on some of the time.


Story: A murder has been committed and the 2 Detectives have to solve it with the help of a lab tech and the janitor.

Well done with the full storyline that you had, just be careful not to leave your scripts on the tables in front of you. Sound can be a tricky to get right though, especially when you're outdoors and there's buses and cars going by, so thing about how you could improve on that for next time.

The use of the leaf from the plant had me for a moment - I thought the cause of death was going to be as a result of poison from that leaf, but no.

Nice twist with one detective thinking the other was guilty, then it turned out to be the girl, with that leaf tattoo being the tell.


I thought this had some of the best cinematography in the heat with great use of locations and the low key lighting. The story was a good one, with some good acting and well rounded characters. I almost thought it could have gone on a bit longer to wring more out of the climax and coda, but that's V48 - 7 minutes only! A good looking film and great to see students playing it straight with the genre instead of descending into parody.


in the spirit of 48hours, investigative crime flick sugared with office relationship drama.

I liked the cunning reveal in the ending.. where the scientist was revealed as guilty for those crimes.. featuring a leaf tattoo.. with the cunning nature related motivation.. nailing the line there as well..

Though a lot of 48hours flicks had the "I did that" line after they killed somebody etc.. though you had it off after a cunning reveal.. nice

Audience laugh point: "I thought you wanted me"

Technical bits let you down though.. soft light (or hard through diffusion gels/silk) would helped with lab scenes.. and sound.. was terrible.. think if you need that dialogue next time and think hard where you are shooting it relative to your equipment/skills.. shooting dialogue next to some heavy traffic.. is not usually the easiest/doable job.. also windshield would definitely help.. very easy to do with no budget even..

You're on a very good path though - hope to see you next year! fix those sound issues and it will be muuuch better..