'Accidental Success' by 2nd Dimension

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Accidental Success
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One Shot
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Personally, the film itself is one that doesn't... flow well. Don't get me wrong, the story had some potential as the behind the scenes of a film in construction with a short preview at the end. But there were some simple mistakes that could have been rectified.
1st Mistake :: Camera
The problem with the cinematography was first and foremost...the horrible case of Back light being activated on your camera when shooting the single take and focusing the camera was another case that needed to be looked at as well. The camera operator should have been aware of these errors and also should have been shooting decent sequences as some of the angles shot with are questionable... This would also keep the fast-motion parts in a relatively comfortable pace for the audience to not spaz-over about.

2nd Mistake :: Sound
Getting Right to the point. Silence your Fast-Motion Scenes next time.... I feel as if people were going to be deaf from squeaking and stir confusingly with the rough fast-motion parts resulting in green smelly goodness, seeping into the carpet below.

3rd Mistake :: Editing
Just one or two of these instances happened throughout the film. The 'cutting' of scenes were quite apparent and shouldn't have happened at all as this contradicts the genre of "One Shot". It makes the audience think that possibly more shots, than just one, were the minimal into the creation of the film. One Recommendation for next year, if you are to compete, is to study the genre and come up with nifty concepts on approaching it.
There are certainly things to improve on for when you guys compete next year and if you follow some of the advice and criticism I have outlined; you will make it further in the competition. As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)



Really interesting way to take on the one shot genre, one really long take and then speeding up the bits that were un-needed. I enjoyed that but I feel that it was a tad too long and there was too much shaky footage throughout and could be hard to watch. plot lacked, hard genre to tackle but a good attempt


Cool idea for the one-shot film - a meta-film. Had potential and I quite liked the use of music, but there wasn't really a payoff after quite a good setup at the beginning, so maybe think more about the script next time. Good effort at trying something "out of the box" though.


Story: Film of a girl trying to make a film of some girls.

One Shot ... a tough one to get! I'm not sure if you did it in one shot or not as the sped up bits were a bit to jumpy to tell, but that was clever as a way of moving the story forward. A big well done if you truly did do all that with just one take.

Sorry but it was really hard to watch at times and filiming the resulting film on the laptop screen didn't work due to the blur.

It started out really well in terms of the concept, but for next year just think about the "what's the story" and "where can I take this" aspect.


Ok, I know the guys who made this and it really was done in one shot.... to all you who doubt.... also, the four people who made it are all 15 or younger so it was a solid effort.
Although the plot was a little, let me say strange... it was an innovative way to do the one-shot genre! I applaus this group for coming up with an unseen concept :)


Hahahaaa Ok Ok Positives First,
Now Negatives , the whole film was a horrible attempt to make something enjoyable for the audience, you were better off just the motorway and fast forwarding it.l definate not achieved i appologise for not giving a fully honest rating, but i couldnt go into decimals. To Be Fair You had the hardest genre and if you had a different one your film showed some nice potential, dont worry this is probably the worst of the worst in terms of film and review there will always be a tough critic and today thats me, A Good idea would be to swap subjects


Wow Worst Of The Worst, You'd Have Been Better Off Filming 48 hours of the motorway and speeding it up, Wish i could rate in with decimals,


rating this up because some spiteful team out there wants to make it worth less... I think it was a better attempt than the cinefiles attempt at a horror....


Hard genre but even harder on the audience to watch
Missed the mark unfortunately


I found this really hard to watch as it hurt my eyes with to much of the fast movement, and found myself covering my ears to stop the horrible screeching.

You did have a very hard genre and the film have a strong start and i did think i was heading to the right place , but sadly it wasn't.
Im sure next year will be better and don't let the negative feedback get you down :)


This team did their best to overcome the technical limitations of the gear and genre that they obviously had with some nifty editing. A film of a film shown through a day in the life of our lead actress felt episodic but had a good level of energy to it.

I believe they also went for Found Footage as their genre so that also gave the film's look and sound a logical feel to it. I sensed some good cameraderie between the team in the intro, perhaps have a go at some character dynamics or relationships in future? Little bit too self-congratulating and lacking in story structure in my opinion. Made sense for found footage but as a film a begginning middle and end would have been a better approach to take.


Ok it was a try but not quite pulled off.. it was one shot attempted to do with just linear fast forwards and footage played from laptop.. it wasn't clear also from the film that it was one shot..

Please write a cunning script next year.. little bit practice will pay off on that front.. even with the bad gear.. but with a good script.. you can do quite remarkable things.. and everything what ever happens should add to the story..