'1, 2, CO2' by Best Damn Pram Team

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1, 2, CO2
Found Footage
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good story however it felt like it went on for quite a long time with nothing really going on. 'found footage genre' got lost in amongst the story and almost got missed entirely. some funny one liners throughout


Some Definite Things to work towards in your film as I outline below
Mistake #1 :: 'Found Footage'?
I'm sure you recognize this... It's your Genre...Yeah, the one that your film is supposed to be based on... Where was it? All that was in my face was a story about...hippies fighting against things that pollute the environment...

Mistake #2 :: Story
This was kinda unique, however, awkward at the same time in the way as the audience was introduced to a unique environmental group (L.E.A.F), but was then sort of redirected to a radio confrontational scene and then made the viewer lost in where the film was actually heading afterwards, especially with the slow-mo of a Pumpkin hitting the ground...Definitely Questionable...

Mistake #3 :: Loud Noises?
I'm sure that in the ending parts of the film, sounds were so excessively loud that one of the right speakers in the theater 'popped'. Why didn't the editor moderate the 'noise'? Infact, why was it even there in the first place? Everyone thought that the sound system was stuffed up that the next film didn't have any sound for the first initial seconds of playback.
As I said before, some things to learn from; hope your team participates next year. As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)



Story: A bunch of Hippies were protesting against ... something to do with the acronym L.E.A.F

I was left wondering where the Found Footage aspect was. The Radio Booth via security camera, right? Not sure if that fully fitted the genre.

For next time, practise up on your the sound quality aspects, and watch out for using two cameras that produce different colour and quality when you chop between the shot angles.

It was amusing though, and you must have had a blast doing it. Mellow, and cool, man. Peace out. How many pumpkins were "harmed" in the making of your movie?


Very shouty film that was one for the greenies out there, as we followed an activist group of hippies and their plans to make the world a cleaner place.

Age-inappropriate casting probably the highlight in terms of entertainment - "SHIT JUST GOT REAL!" (the cops alone saved this one), although 'the city' being the local college out in Pram also made me chuckle. Almost a Guyana: Cult of the Damned feel to this one, but if you're aiming for Rene Cardona then your sights aren't set too high in terms of directors to aspire to.


Environmental activists get upset by falling leaves and chainsaws, decide to spread their message. Some great gags and a straightforward story made this easy to watch. Veered away from the found footage genre a little (a bit more hand-held footage, characters acknowledging the presence of the cameras at the meetings etc might have helped sell this aspect). Loved the cops and the yodelling radio station.


Others have pointed out the failure to stick your genre conventions, and as a big fan of found footage horror I must say I felt a little robbed. Oh well...

What I liked about this film anyway was the quality and enthusiasm of the acting by the fairly large cast. Everyone was going for it and despite a largely nonsensical plot, there was a certain enjoyment to be had just watching the actors chew through the scenery. Some of the dialogue was great as well. Looks like you had a fairly decent camera (a DSLR?) and some of the shots were very crisp, whereas others don't appear to have been focused or lit the same resulting in a lack of continuity within scenes. Having said that, there were fewer intrusive technical fails in this film than in some of the other ones and overall, I found it to be highly watchable. Good effort.


The storyline was a bit iffy yet the overall production value was overwhelmingly interesting. I especially liked when the pumpkin was smashed and there was some voice saying "Yeeeaaaaah".... I would watch again. The cops were silly but likeable.


Hippie takes to the radio waves.. only to be let down by his slack group.. leading him to kill.. a melon!

Those jokes really didn't do me much, sound was heavily compressed/de-noised/alien and no effort was put to protect the mic from the wind.. there are cheap DIY ways to protect the camera mic from wind...

The required elements were not nicely integrated either.. and I didn't find this much found footage..

The police was nice addition but the story went nowhere.. please focus on the script next year and try practicing a bit with the audio..