'The ungodly sin' by M.A.Dcowz Productions

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The ungodly sin
Erotic or Superhero
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Lovely for the laughter medieval erotic flick.. featuring eve & eve.. and the drunk(?) Nicky Brick!

Dodgy line and dogy character introduction.. I mean drunk character introduction..? it was funny though no matter what and the art direction was just superb..!

I liked how the slow motion was used in the head cut.. and the leaf used in sex is a common theme for 48hours this year.. good work using it there and not just throwing these two elements in the beginning of the flick.. like what was done with the other two.. drunk(?) Nicky with the line element...

Overall lack of executed story & technical bits let you down though... technically if you could have put some effort into keeping that lovely oversaturated video look consistent.. would have been awesome .. with some decent soundtrack.. easily to overcome though so better try next year.. and props keeping the camera stable there!

and that "ACTION" left over in the movie gave most laugh from the audience.. priceless! could have used bit editing too.. the battle looked like it was repeating shot.. though it added to it's charm I think.. at least I liked the contrast between battles & sex mixed together .. though it would have added a lot if both of em (sex & battles) could have offered some progression to end of battle & orgXXX... same time.. instead of repeat shots without progression ;)

good effort though! was glad to see this.. so much potential!


I think this could be a great contender for best worst film - my favourite prize. Some pretty awesome art-department, and even some pretty swell acting, combined with hilarious technical mistakes. Really enjoyed watching it.


This was a movie about lesbians in medieval times, who are torn apart by their love.

It was at least 3 minutes into the story before I was even sure what genre they had chosen (a medieval superhero movie would have been awesome!). It was King Arthur meets Brokeback Mountain. But the actresses were good, thought had been put into the story, and the costumes and sets were fantastic.

The camerawork let a bit to be desired, especially the scenes in the dark. The 'action' left in the final cut was hilarious, as well as the battle sequence that seemed to be sandwiched in for no apparent reason.

I saw a woman on the '48 Hours, Rush to the Finish' video say that her team decided to do a medieval film, no matter what the genre, and I can't help but think it must have been this film. It just didn't quite work.

It was unintentionally the funniest film of the night (or maybe it was intentional...?).


You know how sometimes you get eager supporting cast members who just completely steal the show? Well the bearded dude with the bow and arrow took it away right here. From his eagerness to hunt down our lesbian female lead through to his ability to thread an arrow between a physically impossible angle that dude made the film for me.

At least part of it, anyway. Played completely straight faced and set in medieval times, one woman is put to trial for falling for and seducing another woman. Her prosectuors argue it is an unholy sin, she argues that would not have done it if were not God's gift to love who she wants to.

The film titilates a little but never really pushes beyond a PG rating. The staggering level of deadpan though gets funnier and funnier as the film progresses; an unintentional black comedy classic by the end as swords are clanged across trees, star bearded extra steals another frame here or there, and Nicky who? Our lead character has some amazing name like Catherine Valet du Boumont [I did not have time to write it down exactly as it only gets mentioned ONCE at the very end of the film]


it had hot lesbians!, oh and there was some acting and fights and stuff,