'The Fruitalian Job' by Matt's Misfits

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The Fruitalian Job
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fun & fruity crime flick.. about fruit smugglers..

It was bloody fun and really fruity-moody pumping all over the place..! all those fruit dealer references and how the action happened.. like for example the dealer flushing his apples down the toilet and then eating the apple when it didn't flush.. priceless!! gave the biggest laugh from the audience..

the ending and bad sound let you guys down though.. what was that an apple a day keeps the bad guys away doing for the story? it had potential to end really good..

and really great acting by the dealer.. he gave 110% to this..

for the element.. i really loved how the leaf was used.. apple leaf used as investigative lead to the apple dealer... fit nicely and had it's own charm for this flick..

next time please please think about if you need all that dialogue especially if you have issues with sound.. like not having any windshield in the mic..

thanks for the great entertainment though! the mood of this movie with all those fruits going around was great and the cinematography was good too..! props for keeping the camera stable!

line to remember: "Those bastards!"


This was a cool little crime-spoof movie about apple 'dealers'. This was done a team who was competent in all fields and had a cool little story.

The story revolves around two characters who take prized apples to a middleman 'dealer'. The middleman was great, and very entertaining, but I felt the movie took too long to get the characters there, a bit less talk in the car would have been better. These characters are followed by two detectives who bring these dealers down.

This was a funny story and I loved the apples used as weapons, and cringed when they were flushed down the toilet. Nicky Brick falling on a banana skin was pretty cool.

They had a few sound problems, and some of the dialogue was a bit long-winded. But it was well put together and didn't feel too long.


One for the pun enthusiasts with the film focused on two sets of characters; would be fruit smugglers and those would prevent them.

The film started slowly with the first half script being a bit cringe worthy with all those puns, and for some reason the acting not really picking up until the second half of the film. The climax of this one though, is indeed terrific.

Pushing boundaries for where bobbing for apples have never gone before, the visual action improves as the two groups come head to head. A manic foul mouthed dealer definitely the acting highlight, the clearest area the film could have improved was audio which seemed to be mixed raw and loud. Perhaps have some more music next year?


mint film good story,made me feel like wanting to eat apples, lots of apples