'The Breaking' by Lovely Bongo Drums

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The Breaking
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End of World
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Started as promising.. but fell flat.. established the apocalyptic nature of this movie very well..

Trouble for the lead character was to find some food for her sick sister/other(?) so she would not get sick(?) .. and in the end "know what you have done" established that she killed her pushy sister/other(?)...

It started very promising as apocalyptic movie... but it could have shown a bit more struggle and progression rather than mysteriously just ending with the death... it kind of needed some character development as well..

kudos keeping the camera stable too and sound was OK .. the intro though really spooked me sound quality wise initially ;)

good work technically, art department, cinematography & make-up wise! soundtrack fit nicely as well..


This movie did have a great apocalyptic feel, good effects and started off well, but the story let this one down.

The story is about a woman foraging for food by any means necessary. The food is for her dying/sick/zombie roommate (or whatever she was).

It was well shot, and the makeup and effects were great. The story and editing were lacking. The zombie-woman seemed to be a rip-off of The Exorcist, and doesn't do anything for the story. I liked the minimalist quality of the film, and the journey of the lead, but this other character added nothing and was not explained at all.

Some of the editing was badly out, and there were a few inaccuracies with continuity.

A movie let down by its story, a shame as it had a lot else going for it.


A post apocalyptic struggle for survivors of an outbreak had some nice art direction set mainly in a desolate concrete jungle where blood is never too far away. Despite the outbreak seemingly having happened quite some time ago it seemed like the virus took a long time to take effect once you had contracted it.

What the film focused on what the story between one scavenger and another who is less mobile, and whilst you may think that being possibly the last two people on earth would bring you together, there is obviously also the possibility that it might tear you apart.

Contained a very well done body horror effect to finish off the film.


real pretty shots and make up, loved the first scene next to the smashed up mercedes benz really set the movie up