'SHE'S OUT OF THIS WORLD' by moffilaide

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Romantic Comedy
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This team always does so awesome. How do they do so awesome. I hate them.


a tale about a pre-arranged galactic royal marriage.. featuring a princess who wasn't so keen to marry the strongest warrior in the galaxy..

Reminded me about 5th element and it's ending.. the love.. used as power source.. to be the strongest warrior in this flick..

the execution was failing a bit... with some sound issues.. I liked the transitions between the two planets.. but it didn't save this flick.. nor the montage about the two falling in love with each other didn't do much..

How the final 'just say love me' struggle part was cooked up.. didn't work that well either.. it was looking a bit forced & blocky..

didn't do me this year and didn't offer much new from this team.. all that vfx was great as usual.. and lovely wardrobe that this team never lets down with..

and that team intro... very cute!


Moffilaide are always worth a watch, these guys always do a great job and are constantly on form. I was laughing from the into till the end!

This movie showed us a 'Stardust' type adventure with an alien princess falling for a mortal man and his to fight to win her over the barbaric Prince Jafar.

They are always funny, and the effects are awesome. The female lead was charming and believable, and the actor who played Nicky in a very small role was good too. But I felt as though this film was more a fantasy-adventure flick than a rom-com, not enough time was spent establishing these two characters and their relationship, and while the effects were great, they were somewhat out-of-place in this genre.

But it was a great wee movie, and everything was done well. I loved the little montage between the two leads, just more of this would have been better. But another great flick Moffilaide, keep it up!


Warriors fight for the right to marry the Princess Junkadia (sp?) on Planet Falcor, but she wants to marry for love and not just who is the strongest and therefore flies off to Planet Earth to get away from the barbaric tradition of her people. Running into an Earthling who can show her our ways of life is of course a refreshing change, but the warriors also possess the ability to fly between planets so could catch up with her at any time.

Effects were great as always but I also thought this was verging on being more of a Fantasy Adventure than Rom Com with the whole 5th Element meets Superman 2 vibe that I was getting (and a lot of the ideas being the same as those films). The laughs are more based on character expression and some 'oh shit didn't see that coming!' [usually from the outstanding fx] than script based dialogue that I've come to expect to entertain me from this team.

Having said that the chemistry between the two leads is decent, and her stalking him is a nice change-up to the standard romcom formula. But yes the ending dare I say it did feel quite formulaic and forced, even. Hard to rate this one on its own terms knowing the team's fantastic body of work but not quite as good as previous years apart from the fx improving even more.


good movie like allways making you laugh with the extreme acting, allthough really similar to moffilaides film 2 years ago "timelanders" i spose sticking with a good recipe you know people love


What a fun short! The locations were fantastic (along with the costuming) for the other planet at the beginning!

Great acting all round and how can I not mention the special FXs!?! How you guys did that many special FXs in 48Hours I don't know but thumbs up!

The stalking scene generated more than a few laughs :)

I was glad they won best use of character for Nicky Brick! Loved it.

Adam - Colonial Tech