'Dead Market' by Mechanically Separated Chicken

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Dead Market
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in the spirit of 48hours, brilliant & fun inspirational flick how the world should end the problem with unemployment..

Key message: "There are jobs for everybody, put that pipe down"

In this flick the lead was failing on every job.. providing some repeat about failures.. progression could have been better here.. but the ending absolutely saved it.. lead going freelancing and getting commission from the morgue for deaths he was causing :)

Good job! Your team intro was great too.. really established the team name haha.. this flick was nicely in the spirit of 48hours..! and that shot with all that blood coming from the cut hands.. brilliant!

Elements: I did that was used a bit obstructive, slow motion was not a bit dodgy, some leaf was seen during one of the jobs.

technically sound was above average (could have been better still) and it could have used some music etc.


Some good comedic elements, although the overall concept was similar to the seek tv adverts (the ones about weird, silly jobs).

The jokes, like the arms being mashed in the wood cutter, were pretty good but you could see them coming way before they happened.

Nailed the cheesy inspirational man at the end.


This was a good take on the inspirational film, and was a solid story with a nice lead.

We watch as the lead is laid off time and time again due to his uncanny ability to cause horrific accidents to happen to co-workers. He is denied the dole and so decides to use his bad luck to his advantage and go into business with the local morgue to earn a living. This movie had some great funny moments, like when Nicky tried to stick his co-workers hand back together after it goes though a chipper. I also liked the little inspirational song.

It was a cool story, and there were no elements that had real problems, I thought the edit could have been a bit slicker and some of the camerawork wasn't overly inspirational but overall a job well done.


A welfare beneficiary is going to have their benefit cut off and needs to come up with a plan in order to keep their cash flow going. The film shows the reason that their previous jobs have not worked up, and the plan they come up with to bring in the moolah moving forward is sick and twisted but also makes a lot of sense within this film's universe.

Of course when the reasons for previous failure include death, extreme burning and woodchipper injuries (was that a nod to WOODCHIPPER MASSACRE?! fucking mad props if it was) you can always use your own bad luck to your advantage going forward, right?

Well paced and sickly funny, although could have probably been extended just a little bit more.


a really quick film with lots of action, with a nice inspirational song at the end, movies with dummys are always funny, and love the woodchipper scene when the guys looses his arms, well done!