'Mary, Mary!' by Jenni's Angels

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Mary, Mary!
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Urban Legend
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I saw this one in heat 12. Not sure why it is listed here as heat 9.

This film had a really nice 50s/60s sitcom feel with good use of canned laughter. I liked the couple's pet names for each other, including 'wheelbarrow', 'cabbage leaf', and 'socket wrench'.

But it was also hard to follow (maybe it was just me). There were quite a few WTF moments, and I'm still not sure what was actually going on.


This was supposed to play in Heat 9 wasn't it? Anyway glad we got to see this team who are long-time veterans of the competition. It seems to me that they possibly used this year as their opportunity to really make something weird for a change with the canned laughter and jokes along the lines of murderous leprechauns.

The dynamic between the husband and wife was nicely subverted, not to mention a bit deranged as they set out to create names for themselves as urban legends. Black comedy can be really hard to pull off and whilst this one had its moments the canned laughter in particular felt quite forced and affected the flow of the film in a negative way.


Thanks for the reviews. We were supposed to show in Heat 9, but most of our team were out of town and they let us switch to an empty slot on Monday as a favour.


what a cool little film with some WTF moments when the wife kept disapearing and then understanding it near the end. loved the scene with the three guys telling ghost stories and thank you for not showing the guy getting killed, that is what our imaginations are for. we could see how it happened and heard how it happened and to me that is enough. the only thing i didn't like was the canned laughter i found it slightly annoying but canned laughter does that to me. great effect


"Honey I'm home" Housewife black humor colored movie

Nice production values with some nice images all around.. wardrobe/AD top job too.. to make that 60s feel and look..


a bit too inconsistent, forced and blocky flow & action.. and cheesy walla walla to fill the theater with laughter.. when nobody else was laughing.. and the story and how it was laid out was a a bit disappointment.. think I caught some out of focus shots too though.. and sound could have used a bit 60s treatment for added value.. and music could have added as well...

I liked the random lines such as What was in your V etc.. but sadly it all didn't save the flick..

Next time please some tight concept, script and execution.. and leave the bits out that do not matter and are not surely audience teasers/pleasers..

"What was in your V?"