'Obedience: Freedom is a Lie' by The Palmy Boys

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Obedience: Freedom is a Lie
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One Shot
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We open on our lead actor bound and gagged to a chair, and then his friends/possible acquantinces are brought in for questioning about their plans in a conspiracy against the government in an attempt at framing. This was supposedly End of the World and One-Shot? Because honestly I felt it made more sense falling under the Crime genre.

If it definitely was EOTW then I'd recommend doing your genre research in future; a totalitarian government would not come under this category. Post-apocalyptic potentially but it felt like vital information was lacking. When it was a film based on interrogating someone because of the existing societal situation we as an audience really needed that grounding.

Obviously a difficult genre as well, but with the camera being static the film would have benefited immensely from giving more colour or information to that static frame. Also I'd suggest investing in a decent microphone next year if you do decide to use as much expository dialogue again.


I feel that this team peformed impressively giving the extremely difficult genre they had been given. One shot is not easy. The main actor played a convincing role and the other actors gave a good performance also. Music fitted the intensity of the film. Overall, a well written and nicely executed film.


I was in the same heat as you guys, and I actually really liked this film. While I agree that it didn't exclusively stick to conventions of an end of the world film, it was entertaining none-the-less and I feel it was of high quality considering the tricky genre. Definitely not an AMAZING film, but an entertaining film certainly.


Well, you tried.