'Lush Leaves' by Keeping it PG

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Lush Leaves
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Fantasy Adventure
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Here's a tip from doing 48 Hours for quite a number of years; don't waste the first 45-60 seconds of your film showing someone waking up out of bed etc as its precious time that can be used on jumping into your story and engaging the audience.

The film itself was ok, as a girl deals with the horror of no 'Mermite' in the kitchen pantry by scouring around the house with a chair held over her head Benny Hill style, and then ending up in a fantasy world reached through leaves where they are promised this condiment by a mysterious mystical girl. I noted good use of sound effects throughout such as rustling leaves and running water for the river, as well as being drawn into the world of the film. The fact it had me thinking of more questions re: the fantasy world was probably a good thing.


Good attempt girls. Watch out for the motion becoming a bit choppy by editing out little chunks - it's probably better to take a larger piece out in order to speed up movement into the scene/path but don't use that technique it too often. It would have benefited for a bit more dialogue at times to help the viewer get why things were occurring. A good starting point for you to build on for next year.