'Dub Tee Eff' by Team Swagg

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Dub Tee Eff
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Romantic Comedy
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Are kids these days really too lazy to not even say a full W for this acronym? I guess they apparently are. Be that as it may, this was some entertaining young queer cinema that sent a positive message about coming out/being accepted.

Realistic that the girlfriend was taken back by her boyfriend understanding and embracing this, there were some good physical humour jokes and the effort of actually jumping into the Wellington waterfront on the weekend means I'm giving the team a higher rating than I would otherwise.

It was a little talk-heavy and the editing could have done with a bit of work, but enjoyable nonetheless.


You had a good idea in terms of your story line and packed plenty in to your 7 minutes. Brush up on the editing skills for next time around - there were bits between shots where there seemed to be a random "flash". If you take a look at the biggest expanded mode of your time line you might see the odd stray single frame or two, it's easy to get them! Take care not to get any recognisable faces in your backgrounds ... unless all those people at the Oriental Bay playground signed consent forms then you probably shouldn't have included that shot. Good luck for next year, use what you learnt as a stepping stone to bigger and better.