'V-Log of a Madwoman' by Damn Hell Ass Kings

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V-Log of a Madwoman
One Shot
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I thought the concept was great, the genre was one-shot but they technically knocked off bottle movie and found footage as well.

Anyway, we only see two characters from the viewpoint of a robot assistant, a totally bangin' mad-scientist chick, and a totally toned asian dude as the experiment victim. Yet somehow the two seem strangely incompatible so without ruining the story - brilliant casting.

As pleasing to the eye as it was, it probably dragged on a little bit too much.


A reasonably lusty scientist conducts a number of experiments in order to create the ideal specimen for attending to her needs ala Rocky from Rocky Horror. However none quite seem to make the grade.

The team really crammed the screen with about as much visual information as it was going to be able to take at once; test tubes on a table, pictures of beautiful celebrity men on the back wall, and a bed hooked up for new male specimens to be created through on the side.

Quite a manic film to be honest. Cue the squirrel fast forward to give it a bit of variety worked well at first, but got a little old by the third time the technique was used.

Oh and they slipped some penis on screen. Just saying.


best use of the prop ??? especially the side on shots.

A hard one, the genre I mean.

good idea to FF bits


Just plain cool- girl fun and so was hot asian guy.
Wig wig


This was choice... It started out all creaky but just built and built. The rejuvenator machine was clever, the main protagonist was madly good, the rejuvenator guy managed to work thru a very small leaf. Lots of fun.


Plenty of laugh out loud moments... 'out there' plot... memorable characters... delightfully home-made aesthetic... creaky but forgiveable pacing issues... what more can you ask for from a 48 Hours film?


seven minutes and thirty seconds of abhorrent filmmaking.


That great team intro video featuring the english royals prepared me to receive something very creative..

I wasn't let down!

Boyfriend experiments by a picky woman scientist..

I loved how the leaf was used on this one.. as an experiment ingredient this created a naturalist bf.. I mean literally leaf equipped naturalist.. no brains though so off the FAILED pile it was..

Sadly this all was a little too much repeating action.. the progression & ending could have offered something story wise.. instead of jumping in linear fashion to the fly bit and random slaughterhouse action with that camera knock-over.. the fly was nice addition but it didn't give much surprise or add much into the story.. but at least that all was consistent where so much films have let down..

On editing wise this could have been improved a lot.. for example the fast forward bits were a bit slow and didn't offer much detail/surprises.. how the bf candidates were killed could have been improved too..

And what really shined on this film.. that great art department was above the top! Great work!