'Roll Over' by D6 & The Curly Haired Dream

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Roll Over
End of World
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A little helter skelter I thought, story and mood kept being interrupted with crude (but thankfully funny) jokes. Nothing particularly eventful happened until the end, and I expect it was intended that way, but to me it didn't come across that way.

Cinematography wasn't bad but could've had a lot more potential given the rural location used


Some unpleasant shots of dead animals had me thinking we might get a more despairing post apocalyptic take on the End of the World genre, but luckily at least in terms of entertainment value our two wanderers were greeted by an energetic young lass.

This made me think to myself what would I miss myself if the world actually ended? Good comaradarie amongst the actors made it quite enjoyable, whilst the sanitation joke was foul and effective in terms of getting a response.


was ok


a twisted little slice of apocalyptica. loved the exchange during the pissing scene, the gross-out bits were great and the last few seconds of the film were hilarious. I can't really put my finger on what I didn't like about the movie but there was something that didn't click with me - apologies for being vague!


Solid effort from these guys. The film tells the tale of two misfits who leave behind an unspecified disaster to move into a coastal shack inhabited by a Goldilocks-like character. The scenery and location was great, but it just felt so 'safe' as soon as they arrived at the shack. Perhaps it would've been cool to mess with convention a bit more than they did - a scene where they think the hordes of virus-infested somethings are outside... but it turns out it's just a friendly cat. Maybe what I was really longing for was more conflict?

In any case, this was a fun and breezy effort. I had a good laugh at a few of the jokes. Well done D6 & The Curly Haired Dream.


Great acting, well shot with some genuinely funny moments but a bit unengaging. Oddly ... uh ... sterile for a 48 hours film. Could've used a little more apocalypse.


dead animals and very nice location where they found a hut.. established the apocalyptic nature.. and then some food, more food and even more food before sex.. before ending with that dodgy infertility line

I liked how the leaf was used & solid acting on this.. but.. could have used a bit story and more ideas thrown at it..


Great friends having a great laugh, loving the effort put in by all this year! Well done D6


a fun little film that didn't take itself or the genre too seriously.

I really enjoyed the use of the prop, it was unbelievably sweet.

Loved the crass humour throughout the film and the final one liner.

Could have been more end-of-the-worldish, but a solid effort nonetheless.


Thoroughly enjoyed watching this film - definitely one of the better ones in the heat. Thought the cinematography was great and the locations were superb. Really added to the whole feel of the "end of the world". Some quality acting combined with some hilarious one-liners made for an engaging flick. Great twist at the end with the other bloke being in bed too. Whoever said "three's a crowd" clearly missed out on the action.


I enjoyed this film thoroughly!
Was nice to see an easy going take on a big and recently over-done genre, it was also great seeing Kiwi lads being kiwi lads regardless of their situation!
Great use of the prop and line of dialogue.
I though the cinematography was a nice touch too.

Great effort by this lot.