'Overdue' by Costigan Productions

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Definitely didn't take itself seriously which for me is the spirit of 48HOURS, and inevitably produces a funny film, if a little lacking in production value.

The story here was pretty simple with a few visual and mishap gags, it could have been a little more succinct but it definitely didn't drag on.

Concept could've been a little more fleshed out and overall it suffered a bit with sound and lighting, and unfortunately they lived up to the title of their film and missed the deadline.


a very raw film that was everything I expect of a 48Hour film.

Interesting take on the horror genre, enjoyed the ending more than I should have.

A personal favourite of the 5th heat.


Nice simple structure and good build with the injuries.


This was actually one of my favourite films in the heat. "Pay your rent" is the gist of this horror film's message. I thought the team deserved props for flipping the traditional body-horror routine to have a male victim and a female antagonist. Bummer they handed the film in late!


flick about overdue rent payment crossed into horror genre.. nuff said..

The idea was kind of fresh.. but the story & execution lacked for horror.. horror needs suspense, tension and all that..

there were some painful moments with that garbage muncher at kitchen... trying to add progression to lead's troubles.. though it didn't work that well as it was slow... and what ever happened after didn't really work at all either..

like who simply goes to coffee after being eaten by a garbage muncher? :)

it was clear what the landlady or flatmate was after.. but it could have used some introduction why everything was like that... perhaps.. to establish the lead character better..

The hair coming off at bathroom was nicely composited with the rent reminder that was trying to be spooky.. but thats where this horror from this movie ended really before it got even a chance to start..

Technical issues could be worked on as well..


Had a few squeaky moments but funny enough to keep rolling despite that. The premise is simple but brilliant: man's rent is overdue and bad things happen.