'Nick of Time' by Crepe Shoot

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Nick of Time
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In 48HOURS a good story really makes it I think. And this one had it all, a well rounded story, humour, cinematography and -good god- very few sound issues! Actually the sound design and editing in this were borderline brilliant.

A simple yet effective use of character, I was laughing a lot during the playground fight scene, and then the conclusion was pretty epic, overall simple yet inventive and very easy to watch. Hats off!


Really liked this film.
Lo-fi but just kept getting better.
From some pretty funny stuff first up, it went on to easily the most inspired moment of the night with the no-music portion of the playground fight.
Kept true to their genre, even down to the terrible (terrible good!) puns at the end (Arnie eat your heart out)
And just when I thought the film was about to end they pulled out a whole end sequence with a pyromaniac, and even more of the hero kicking ass and delivering one-liners.
Total fun! :)


Faced with a lack of time and other hurdles in the way of getting his pretty important package through, such as an energetic thief, this film moved along at breakneck speed for the most part (to be honest the restaurant/jokes were a nice breather after the action requirements were covered in the first half). I was very impressed with the silly yet well choregraphed chase and fight through the park.

Well acted as always by this team, they probably had the best one-liners out of any action film in the heats I've seen so far.


the action scene around the park was a great idea. Liked this one. Perhaps I didnt get the random guy with the petrol (I'll watch again to see what I missed) but that didnt really matter.


This film definitely was the crowd favourite on the night. It started a little slow - the editing at the start with the door shutting repeatedly three times in multiple cutaways was a touch *gahhh* but then it got really Hilarious really fast... the chase and fight scenes were magic (though again, more editing experience would of helped out this whole section too...).
And then the coda: just when we thought it was over the second act kicks in with puns galore and another stand off... the final pun was "terribly" brilliant! :-)
The acting over all was ok - the two lead guys were great! Would have been interesting to see what a more experienced editor on board may have done... having said the way it was edited just added to the charm. Well done!


The puns were terrible and the secondary story with the guy with petrol- what was that about?


This was the definite crowd favorite on the night. Some scattered editing woes notwithstanding, it moved at breakneck speed and just when you thought the unlucky Nicky had won the day & it was over: there was another random threat. And then another. Loved it.

Special mention to squeezing in some classic action movie lines & puns, as well as an 80s freeze frame at the end! Brill.


This was hilarious - I had my loud laughing gear on for this. Two thumbs up, fights scene was classic and loved the last few gags.


Fantastic, really fast and furious. The trick with the tie was great and the snappy dialogue was excellent.


Nailed it. Across the board this was a funny, well-paced, flat out good film. Worthy winner of the Audience Favourite for this heat.

One thing to note; they made an Action film that (I think) had no guns or blood. Fantastic. The fact they had a faux-fight running up a slide in a playground sort of spits in the face of the Tarantino wannabes that often come out of the woodwork for this genre. This was more aimed at the Buster Keaton crowd. Fantastic.


Best (votable-on) film in the heat. Gut-bustingly funny look at action-movie cliches without ever being smug or silly.


random jokes with 'kick to the balls' fight action that didn't hold together... windshield in the microphone could add... fight scenes were just terrible but laughable... didn't really think it was that great to have playground fight scene with just audio from the mic without a windshield..

I really liked the water can thing on matches though but sadly you could have worked on a bit the overall structure of it...


I thought this was really funny, especially the fight scene with no music and the tie bit at the end. Thought the two main actors were very good. The terrible puns were just what was needed for the action genre! I thought the editing was really good too.


Great take on the action genre. The playground scene had some fantastic camera work at the start which really emphasized the spoof-ness of the scene which I thought was great!

Great acting by the team and I really enjoyed the ending with the water and the crazy man in the restaurant!

Adam - Colonial Tech