'I Heart NZ?' by DeeMickSee

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I Heart NZ?
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Romantic Comedy
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This film you might describe as one of those 'visualised poems' you often see at shorts festivals. Produced entirely by one man who made use of his rather excellent rhyming and verbalising talents and took a fresh approach to the rom-com genre.

Initially I was skeptical whether a narration accompanied by a posterised effect could carry itself but it just kept getting better and better, and by the end I was really enthused.

So kudos, job well done!


Original, lyrical ode to Wellington.
striking visual style.
Amazing one-man achievement!


He's got balls, but man it was painfully cringe and long. Think I could have respected it more, if it wasn't filled with 'creative' filters. So much hating to start with just kept me thinking why did you waste $200 on this then. The break down about the lady was pretty intense and I think fully shifted audience perception but far too late for me. Hard to tell if it's a horrible self portrait, or pure genius.


I'm not much of an animator myself so I'm not sure if I'm using the right terminology but appeared that just about this whole thing was fairly garishly rotoscoped with plenty of colour throughout? It did give itself a unique sense of style by doing this, but also meant it was hard to focus on what was happening story wise.

Not that there was really much of a story, with a rambling rap about the bad aspects of New Zealand and how a lot of culture/social activity occures being commented on. Of course what would a rom com be without a romantic subject, right? Although doesn't really work if the romantic subject is a place or metaphor, in my opinion.

It was a daring film but the lack of an actual story or structure and that fact that the rapping was really bad meant I did not enjoy it.


clever. Great dialogue.

I grew tired of the animated effect.


Talented rap and not entirely crap!


strip away the gimmicky poster style graphics and what you're left with is a guy monologuing a poem that he probably wrote months in advance (with slight tweaks during production).

No rom and very little com, it was an ode designed to appeal to the sentimental patriot in all of us.


Clever clever... Maybe too clever ...but nice songs and clever twist on the genre.


one man rap with colourful effects. if it wasn't for the rotoscope thing it would just be a guy saying some populist, nationalist mince into a camera. romantic comedy is a bit of a stretch. still gotta give credit for doing it alone though


Lyrically clever at points but I can't shake the feeling he made this several weeks ago because he expected to get "dance/musical", then quickly CG'd in leaves to fit to the prompt. Not romantic, not a comedy.

The rotoscope work was ugly. I understand it takes time to make it look good but he could've probably had a good looking film if he'd simply used his footage without animating over it.


boring political solo rap about NZ..

and not much comedy.. or romantic either.. was perhaps trying to cover the romatic parts with paris etc other references in contrast..

and the video gogh/paint effect was terrible all over

kind of sad..


I actually really enjoyed this. I think it was clever to stretch the rom part to (at the end) loving NZ - as a UK expat, I do definitely feel that I love my country (even more so now I'm not in it!) and so I also related to the sentiments in the rap. I also thought it was funny. I didn't mind the colour effects and was very impressed it was done by one person.