'Full-Night' by DOMsub

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Short and sweet erotic thriller. A pretty simple setup and a rather prompt payoff. Not a whole lot of time spent with mood or dialogue.

Kinky bits caught a lot of laughs, mainly from the rest of the audience. God I have some catching up to do.


Well this was a tantalising little film that left me wondering what would happen next, capturing the erotic part quite and the intrigue it created at the end being enough to satisfy me re: its thriller quotient.

Having been texted to cum ova 4 a feast, might get luky, our Nicky does exactly what he's told. And given the apparent interest shown in him as soon as he walks in the door, who wouldn't, right? Of course blindfolds and restraints aren't always the best things to have applied when you soon realise that a party of 2 might never have been the intended course of action.

I would have liked a little more dialogue but appreciate keeping it up for interpretation.


I liked the voyeurism overload.

The actors did passion extremely well.


Great Job!!!


Nicely balanced and lovely light and set.... I just wanted a bit more of a denoument or however it's spelt. It's good to see clean underpants in this age of fiscal responsibility.


Fantastic location used here, and a cool concept, with a brilliantly awkward (for the audience at least) period of kissing and fondling shown onscreen.

Once this film got all Eyes Wide Shut though, it quickly ran out of steam. I'm still not sure what happened in the third act? If there was one? A tiny bit more time coming up with a resolution would've been fantastic. Looking forward to what DOMsub come up with next year (the intro was hilarious)


Pretty well shot with some funny moments but felt too much like the whole film was a setup for the Eyes Wide Shut joke.


a seduced man.. after a hook-up.. ended up to as a piece of art..

excellent classical music fit the story.. and nice how the piano was integrated in the beginning.. when things got little bit too eager (for good) from the man's part..

there were few flaws though.. I saw the guy laughing oddly and the sex stuff was a bit too long perhaps.. and ending perhaps being the biggest flaw.. could have used more visible action... or just something over there... rather than just the long shot of the woman watching... shown as being perhaps happy of her work.. the piece of artwork that was not too much visible at the end..

the art department/location (or was this was just a gallery ready to be used?) fit the flick also nicely..

the leaf.. used as a necklace.. was in good use for this erotic piece.. teasing the man with it.. very erotic..

the line.. 'I did that' referring to the human piece of art in distance.. that got the lead a bit confused was a bit obstructive... in too much contrast with the other action seen there without smooth transition.. but this at the end culminated the point of it when the 'art show audience' was revealed... leading to understanding that the guy was going to be a piece of art... just like the one referred as 'I did that' earlier...

overall very well style-integrated piece.. and simple for good..

technical bits didn't let this flick down.. nice gallery typeof lightning supporting the story...

only if the ending would have worked better.. and few bits there and there fixed...

and perhaps for example if there would have been somebody among that audience playing a piano along the soundtrack.. uncovered as part of the rest of the audience too.. it would have perhaps added a nice touch to ending :)

anyways thank you for this still nicely integrated erotic entertainment! well done!