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Fresh Leaf
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I feel sorry for this team drawing inspirational genre. But they treaded the straight and narrow with it and came out with a perfectly reasonable film.

They must've had the luxury of time/resources to do a dinky little colour grade which polished it nicely, unfortunately the old 'location sound quality' chestnut was ever-prevalent though.

I actually thought the story was going somewhere else and when the conclusion hit I was disappointed, but then I remembered it had to be encapsulated by 'inspiration'.

I hope you V48 overlords are happy.


I wanted to rate this higher.
Unfortunately really let down by the sound, even choosing a different location to the bus stop would have made a huge difference.
I thought a lot of the acting was quite good, a pleasure to hear different (and genuine) accents on-screen.
I take my hat off to the film-makers who took what must be one of the most difficult genres and made a serious movie.
I felt it was missing a beat of the story (mainly how the guy went off and changed his life after getting the leaf) I thought if you'd dropped some of the walking through the forest and had something towards that it would have made for a more satisfying ending.
Overall a good addition to the competition!


Seriously done inspirational film that seemed like it could quite possibly have actually been based on a true story?

A widower and a stoner meet at a bus stop to essentially discuss life and how things can improve even when they seem at their lowest. Hard to pull off serious but the film did it well.


was tough genre.


my favourite of the heat. an inept and straight-faced attempt at a serious inspirational movie that is seriously inspirational. shonky camerawork, uneven sound and editing make the technical side of ths film a bit suss, but it's the acting and story that stands out. an inexplicably Irish man and a young stoner (played with 100% commitment by the director) have an absurd conversation about the Irishman's dead family. spent the film waiting for a punchline that never came. Much respect to the filmmakers for giving the inspirational genre a serious go - well done!


God, what a horrible genre. I think most teams in the competition would've played this one for Glee-like laughs? Darkroom Team didn't, it was dead serious the whole time. I respected the general gist and I respected their gutsiness for just playing it straight. I reckon this team could turn in some good work next year if they make sure they *show* more. Imagine if this film had been flipped, and had instead been from the other male character's perspective throughout, including meeting a stranger in a bus-stop with a tortured past, through to the conclusion of the film with a pay-off of his changed ways as a result of that fateful meeting. I think that could've still been played straight, but probably would've held our attention for longer.

In any case, this film wasn't offensive, wasn't bad, didn't resort to mugging for the camera etc... always gotta give a film kudos for making sure they further this competition, even if it's just done in their own quiet way. Nice job Darkroom Team.


Tough genre! And big kudos for going at it straight laced... Challenge here was that the story all hung on one conversation and a very long cutaway in the forest. I just felt like it needed more in the story and a boom/mic so we could hear the characters better. Liked the use of multiple locations, though found the ending a bit of a stretch as it all hung on a story for a stranger... Good effort!


I feel like a bad person giving this a low review but it just wasn't very good.

The sound and shooting were terrible, the acting was wooden and the script was painfully saccharine. I appreciate the sincerity and there's stuff that could be done with the ideas but the execution just wasn't up to scratch.


serious inspirational 48hours piece with the leaf used as a symbolic messaging device from the past to the future with a message that drugs mess your life..

Great honesty and realness all around.. but..

I felt the concept was a bit flat & tired.. and sound was absolutely terrible.. not just dialogue but also music overpowering where narration was supposed to be heard.. easy to fix but sound really let me down..

at least the camera was stable.. props for this.. and the imaginery was easy to follow due slow moving action.. though sterile that can fit serious inspirational.. overall I felt camerawork & editing did need some improvement..

story & acting could have used some improvement... especially for the stoner guy.. it kind of needed the struggle part... everything just sorted out itself magically without showing anything from the stoner's point of view... we did get to inside to the lead adult's head but.. not to the stoner's that much..

even though it all was technically soddy etc points taken.. I enjoyed diving to the lead's point of view for the emotional experiences.. and loved the symbolic reference of the 'from the past to the future' leaf.. and props for trying something serious in a competition such as 48hours - thanks for something different!

"It's just a leaf"