'Fall' by Dragon Boat

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Having said that they would start a family together, a girl then has to deal with the interrogation over her missing partner as she is the prime leading suspect.

There were some strange stylistic choices such as applying computer effects to the characters in the opening scene for no apparent reason, as well as at the meeting for coffee. Oh well, you did warn us before your film played. I mean it wasn't offensively bad or anything, just needed a lot more work on the actual script/dialogue.


was ok. Some bits great. Some bits not so great

Script was minimal.


really enjoyed the use of green screen.

However, the crime made little sense.


Didn't get the greenscreen but it was a nice crime cumuppance that built well and showed off welly nicely.


was it green screen gone wrong in those scenes? totally bizarre! loved the 2nd detective and the ludicrous leaf-blowing sequence - pretty fun movie


This team's come a long way in the past year. Lord knows why they were playing with green-screens and mattes this year... but regardless, they contained a tightly crafted plot into the film's brisk feeling running time. Ditch the effects and next year Dragon Boat are gonna knock it out of the park.


I had absolutely no idea what was going on.

She murdered her husband, then there was a leaf, then there was a character who might've been the man she was sleeping with, then there was terrible green screen. Taking five seconds to explain what the hell was happening would've helped a lot.


Ending revealed some apparent (I think) plot but rest of the film made no sense in relation.. something about family planning etc.. execution lacked.. ending could have used some work too.. story, action, continuity, pacing all that.. and too much long running shots.. should have more something that matters to the story...

I liked that how you communicated with the audience on your team intro though.. if next year could relate this to your stories that would suck the audience into your story.. from the beginning to the end.. you will be in fine path