'Dive Dive Dance!!!' by Confusers

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Dive Dive Dance!!!
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Musical or Dance
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I loved it. From the establishing shots of the submarine, to the song and dance number - it's films like these that make me come back to the 48 Hours competition.

Yes the quality of film was a bit sus, yes the sound wasn't amazing but dammit if it wasn't hilarious.


The Das Boot musical :)
A wonderfully ambitious and funny film, kept me interested and laughing all the way to the twist ending.
Loved the Art Direction throughout, the dead pan dance, and the lyrics to the songs.


Thank you to this team for just giving it their absolute all in this loved and hated genre.

We follow the exploits of a submarine team as they cruise around the ocean, always on the alert for whether they will have to self-destruct or not. Whether they do or not, is another question...

Anyway music and dance wise it had everything it needed. A captain standing up with just himself and his guitar, going for and largely hitting the high notes as a climax. It also contained possibily the most amazing group shoulder bobbing dance collective you will see this side of a toilet paper roll-made periscope. Definite contender for best worst film in Wellington this year.


This was one of my favs. The script team must have asked the question "Where's the last place you'd expect a dance/musical to take place" and submarine covers that nicely.

they created something (cool) out of nothing....literally


Wow! Hilarious, one of those films that just shouts out... we're school teachers and we love having fun! (no idea what you actually do for a living but anyway ! Loved it!)
For what they did with what they had available it was brilliant... did drag a little after a while in the dance sequence and near the end... it could have used a bit of tightening edit wise. But the charm of the cardboard set and solo guitar definitely put it up there for 'best worst film' - and that's definitely a positive thing too! Some of the other Best worst films are that - the worst: so bad they're funny... you guys are genuinely funny just... ok enough said :-P
Loved it!


Just amazing- most fun and crazy film of the night


Ha ha these guys did a great job making the masses laugh, well me at the very least! Best underwater musical + dance film set in a sub, ever! Personal favourite; hair dryer used as a lever/prop thing. Got my vote for the 'Best Worst Film', entertaining and looks like the team had a powerload of fun making it! :)


pretty inspired 'musical' set on a submarine. the sets were great and so were the performances. let-down by the poor integration of the song and dance numbers, and i got some bad vibes from the team - seemed like they were being arseholes cos they got musical. still, their overt reluctance has its own dickish charm


This film was carried by the goodwill generated by a massive "wtf" moment in the first minute or so. Famously a dreaded genre, they did well with what they had and pulled off a bat-sh*t crazy effort. Cool.


Yep this a sure contender for the best worst film..

Code red BOOOOOM?

Dive, Dive, Dive..

Nice art direction all around & B&W fit there nicely

The music & dance could have been a bit more mixed up to give more badness to this baby...

Code Green!



The music and dancing are terrible but somehow that adds to its creaky charm.


a quirky and unusual film. I really enjoyed it, even though the songs were bad and suffered from lack of context and segues.

I suspect this was a conscious decision because they were gutted they got musical/dance.

Not a bad effort overall.


it was great, awesome heart behind it!