'Raw Chains' by Third Wheel of DOOM

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Raw Chains
Found Footage
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The standard definition camera that this team clearly shot their film on actually helped itself immensely to the genre that they were provided. The fact that the whole thing was found footage also gets a big thumbs up from me.

Holed up in a barn that the group of friends jokingly pronounce as haunted, things quickly go fairly horribly wrong. This felt quite claustrophobic but had just the right level of pacing to avoid any shaky camera issues. The darkness often seen on screen kept you guessing at all times as well.


Reminded me of Paranormal activity.

The found footage genre fit nicely with the psychology fear-play horror style of this movie...

Great work capturing the initial tension:

The joker guy fit nicely.. and really set the initial horror mood & tension.. first by being funny face and scaring off everybody with the "I did that" joke.. before.. he got all serious and shouted "I did NOT do that" .. priceless! ;) very good use of the line there... and I think "I did that" & "I did NOT do that" was very nice rhyming line combo!

Despite the initial tension... the horror piano (hitchcock made a reference that he likes to play his audience like a piano..) seemed a bit out of tune.. could have added more something that really defines the end of the horror as well.. the big splat point..

just seeing simply the dead people etc after everything is nice but... it really needs some action thingys or hints to what happened rather than pure blacks... like something to suggest that why there are dead bodies all over the place.. even better if it's a slow buildup with more and more hints coming as the story progresses.. sure it can be hard in 48hours but you had such a great start!

And as this was found footage.. the ending fit nicely to this genre... with carage door open and big man walking slowly towards the camera.. cool addition!

Overall nicely done!