'The Last Winter' by Under The Hat Productions

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The Last Winter
End of World
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The end is nigh our lead rants in numerous places all around Wellington, as the end of the world clock ticks down from a few weeks to a few days.

OK. I completely understand that if the world was actually coming to an end then repenting would be at or near the top of my list of things to do. But to base a majority of your film around that? Seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity in my book when we could have had a narrative or character interaction.


This story told the tale of a man preparing for the end of the world.

I would give this film a 50% pass mark but didn't find any one aspect of it remarkable. The storyline was a little cliche and there were no surprises at the end of this film.

However the actor did a fine job. Perhaps the best scene was when he preached about the end of the world in public. The reactions of the unsuspecting commuters were priceless.

A decent flick that just needed a bit of improvement in the writing room.


a guy was shouting all over the place that the world is ending.. but nobody "really really reacted" to it.. thats it.. and some coffee/tea sequence at the end if I remember correctly.. the end

could have used better reaction shots, middle, ending, action and story..

good effort on shouting that the world is ending though.. it shows clearly that the character has a little problem how to convey his point of view forward but...