'What The Neville?' by Team Super-Best-Friends

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What The Neville?
Found Footage
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This film is about boring old Neville who is turning 52 and has nothing better to do than spending it with his cat, until he finds a camcorder on a park bench. Him and his friend set off to return the camcorder to Nicky Brick.

I really loved the cinematography of this film. It's not hard to film the beautiful landscape of Queenstown. I love the banter with the home owner after they found the bunny suits.

Framing was nice. Acting was good.

But the not-so-good, the second-half wasn't as beautifully shot and the scooter failing was too quick. The ending was a letdown, as Neville and his friend went through this epic journey to return the camcorder and gave up quite easily when the receptionist denied them.

But I'm just being picky. Loved it!