'Do The Knight Thang' by Flim Flom Films

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Do The Knight Thang
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Fantasy Adventure
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Very funny.


My clear favourite. Very funny thanks to great performances by the leads. Car scene was a riot. Opening sequence looked epic thanks to a bit of Andrew Kramer magic and an insanely cool title animation. Sound (dialogue) was great. Only needed some foley in the opening sequence to complete the illusion (but you knew that!). This film was fun and I wanna see it again. A triumph!


I cannot believe this was all put together in 48 hours! It was truly amazing. Seemingly endless resources, endless talent from a team of SIT students?

The film had a well-polished feel and high production value. I loved the classic screaming gag in the car and the Mainland taught of the 09.


A well resourced and well conceived film.

With an appearance of big budgetry and more than capable post production trickery, this group from SIT (in Invercargill!) is a very strong Dunedin win contender.

Full kudos and applause to the principal males in what must have been very difficult shoot in all that armour.
And it was real armour, wasn't it?

Loads of jokes, the elevator gag, the sex club gag, the 'they must be from Auckland' gag, the crash helmet gag was too funny! and lets not forget the good-no, great! acting.

A Contender for Best Script too.


This is my pick of the Dunedin films. Perfect use of resources to meld the genre, spirit of 48 hours, and location of Invercargill into a hilarious, clever and well-executed film that balanced a great story with some hilarious moments. Also contained my favourite use of the line of dialogue. Great work.


Loved the content of the film, from the woods to the present day was very clever. I especially liked the use of the present day re-enactment people!!! really funny :-)