'Circulo' by Oscar The Walrus

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I really quite enjoyed this. Certainly, it was a rough diamond- the static noise could be a bit intrusive, and there wasn't always enough time to read all of the text that appeared onscreen. But I adore the concept, and the acting was really great. Saskia stood out for me, but we all know that she's good at playing an anxious sort of character- just take a look at "Mitchell Henderson". xP

I liked the little thing where everyone could only draw triangles (at least, I think that was what happened). I can only wonder what protractors are like in that world. Would a triangle protractor even work? I'll have to look that up...

While this wasn't my favouritest film of the evening, it was quite close. You guys should be proud of your efforts. <3

Have some circles! xP


A very interesting film. It was technically very competent - your cinematography was very nice, and the sound was mostly crisp and clear.
I liked the filter on the film - it fitted well with the dystopian reality that you created. The idea was simple and very nice, you pulled it off well.
I know it was probably your intent to give a sense of monotony at times - but I think it got to the point where our attention waned. I think there needed to be a little more substance to the film leading up to your fantastic ending.
Also the looping music did start to get on my nerves at times, and the levels were too high on it, sometimes impeding on the speech.
Still a very good film - well done.


This film was a well done dystopian film. I really liked the cinematography! Great use of light, and the washed out colours added a sense of hopelessness to the film. The use of angles, with tilted shots was really good and made your film visually stand out. The long amounts of text at the start were a little annoying - I don't watch a film to read stuff. The static was a good idea, but it went on for too long and was uncomfortably loud. The story took some thinking about to get, and wasn't told very clearly. In the end he drew a circle to symbolise the terrorist group and rebellion, and also to go against oppressive government system which was drawing triangles. Very complex ideas, and I'm not sure how much of the audience got it, but kudos for trying.


Technically, this film was great. I really liked your cinematography and the sound was crisp and clear. I liked the dystopian atmosphere you created, but it wasn't explained enough. I felt there just wasn't enough story for the "inspirational," ending to be effective. Also the characters weren't developed enough. Many shots were unnecessarily repeated which annoyed me. Editing was good though (apart from the repetition), I liked the filters etc. Good job all in all though.


This film has a lovely dystopian style. I loved the saturation through the whole film, giving it "a look". Your graphics for the broadcasts were top notch and although your static was rather loud and intrusive, I think that was part of the feel of your film. I liked the people staring at the wall typing endlessly. You had a few plot holes/problems though. Why didn't the government twig that these rebels were all in the same house and why did the arrest them one by one? Also although the text on screen was good it was a bit wordy and I don't think everyone read it all.
Your acting was pretty good. Only 5 Dramatic Flourishes Charlie!!
But you guys created a good solid piece of film which stood out with its own unique visual style.


I did enjoy this film. Overall camera, sound, editing etc. were all brilliant, but it did feel a little unstructured, and at points it was just too repetitive.
A nice idea, but it did take a bit of thought to understand, not that this is a bad thing, but combined with bad pacing it really was the killer for this film.
Still it is nice to have a film that is not so simple every so-often.


The static screen with messages from big brother set the scene and tone well. As did the bleak colour treatment this film was given. I felt that you guys were a little too scant on details about what our rebels had been doing. In fact I have no idea what they were doing that was rebellious at all. Sorry I didn't really get it. The canvas was there and you set it up well, but this film lacked the finer brush strokes. Great style, not enough substance for me. DYSTOPIAN!!!


This film was the most incredibly awesome thing that I have ever seen! I was obvious that the talented, not to mention very attractive team members, meant for this film to be open to interpretation. The lighting, sound and camerawork were all outstanding! Good job guys!