'chain mail' by Complex Films

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chain mail
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Urban Legend
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Going ahead and saying: good concept. Liked the character establishment at the start and the clever ending. Your cinematography was the best of the night. Loved your lighting.


Outstanding! This film was a lesson on how to execute a film in 48 hours. A simple idea executed to perfection by a pretty clued up team. Cinematography was superb with lots of dolley and sweeping steadicam shots in the office. Sound was great and so too was the lighting. The waking up to an alarm clock has become a 48 cliche but here, it is integral to the story-telling so you're fine by me. Ending was funny. I didn't feel overly connected to our protagonist but that may just be me. Other 48 teams take note! This is how you get the most out of every camera setup! Great work to you Jonty and your very capable crew. No doubt this short will be on TV. Queenstown represent!


A very strong contender for a Dunedin win, if it wasn't for a persistent doubt that fronts whenever I think of this film.

Stu's right, the lighting was superb.
Frankly, I'd be surprised, knowing their background, that it could be poor.

Is it the pacing? Perhaps.
It was absent of rhythm, but the expected beats were there. No surprises.
Maybe the denatured colour grade? Yeah. Could be that.

The second act was uneven and at times, uneventful.
Some audio issues too, (coffee room audio was poor) but that may have been the venue.
And the 'love interest' (the really cute brunette secretary) really didn't seem 'that into him' to warrant any interest/response from us. A schitck that fell flat.

And, unless I'm mistaken, the protoganist was shirtless when checking out his email...or maybe he was naked...anyway, it got in the way. Ewwwww.

The sudden dash across town was uneven, horizons weren't level and the edit poorly paced.
And wasn't his car in the car park too? Yeah, I did see it there.

Look, this young team made a fine film, but its too flawed to be a big winner.
Fourth place maybe?