'Your Average Guy' by Skitso Pictures

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Your Average Guy
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This was quite a fun action film, but it did have a few issues. It started off well and funny with the bird poo gags. And one the whole the story was light and easy to follow. In some places the actors talked a bit too fast.
The sound was mainly good, apart from when they were given the mission; I know that this was deliberate, but I felt it was a bit much and was difficult to understand. The music was also good and fitting, but in some places was a little loud, as were some of the gun shot sound effects.
The camera work was mainly good, although some of the car shots were shaky. The black and white was strange decision, but it worked well. 6/10.


Nice action film. Basic but solid. Music was good and so was the acting. I'm not to sure about the black and white though, that was an odd choice and I wasn't convinced by it, mainly because some parts were colour and some not. The sound might have been improved too, but that's more minor.