'That's Bullshit' by Strange Attractor

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That's Bullshit
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Urban Legend
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Funny film. Great editing and nice props. Unfortunately it was quite slow and almost boring at times. I would work on your story.


This film was quite fun; some women talking about a famous inventor and all the different versions of what he was. The camera work was variable, the shots of the women talking seemed to stay for too long and get a little boring. The shots of Nicky Brick were good and interesting. There was some great editing with the car changing in mid shot and the disappearing car. There was also an unnecessary and very awkward nude running scene with a leaf that didn't quite cover everything. Sound was usually good but there was some peaking.


Three chatty women make up urban legends over tea, while discussing the legendary Nicky Brick.

Look, don't mis-read me, I've been a fan of this group of miscreants since their stylishly engaging Horror outing 'Scarred' a few years back, (although some of their later entries were a little lacklustre), this one had some fun in it.

The nude man running towards camera (oh, the scrotum shot!), forewarned by MC Storey, wasn't to my liking. A gimmick at best, or just a poorly conceived gag, either way the shock may have erased any good work they might have done in the preceeding minutes and perhaps tainted the following seconds.

Ahhhh, maybe I'm being too hard on them. They've improved, at least visibly and sonically, they have crisp clean editing and what would seem to be a good work ethic. More power to them.