'Twin Dragonfist: The Fistening' by Get your ass to Mars

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Twin Dragonfist: The Fistening
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A very nice martial arts action spoof. Very nice crisp sound, which was a relief after hearing the other films in the previous heat. Funny cheesy fight scenes worked well and added comedy, along with intentionally failed stunts. Good job.


You guys were great! I was thoroughly entertained the whole way through. I loved your running montages, the special effects and fight scenes!


AWESOME. Kung fu was great, special effects were great, classic action film plot. Some of the audio was dodgy, and if I'm getting picky the elements could have been used better, but really enjoyable film to watch and great use of the genre. Twin Dragonfist!


I'm hoping this was a parody, because it was a damn funny one. The cheesy fight scenes and plot device coupled with some epic ninja moves made an impressive combo. The epic music was pretty awesome and your many people fight scene was great.
Your acting and story weren't the best and although it added to the parody feel I'm not sure that was purposeful.
Great Film. Made me laugh


Very funny film guys guys. Certainly an enjoyable watch. Best part for me would have to be the stunts. For a low budget 48 hour film, the stunts were great.