'The Ballad of Nicky Brick' by No True Scotsman

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The Ballad of Nicky Brick
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Musical or Dance
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excellent story!! Love it!! let me recall Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, well done guys!!


Very well done musical, told from different viewpoints using different musical styles. The story told well; and unlike quite a few V48 musicals of this style it actually developed, with each person adding to the story. This worked well, it all built up to the very funny and well done ending. The sound was good, as was the cinematography. 8/10 for this great film.


Great film guys. Truly a hilarious story. The best part about this film were the song lyrics.
I can't fault you on any technical aspects either. Nice camera, and sound pretty good all throughout.
Definitely a finalist contender (depending on whether or not the judges get student humour).