'Negitive 23 Degrees' by My Friend is

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Negitive 23 Degrees
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This inspirational film was unfortunately let down by several issues. The story was very basic, and not very exciting, which regrettably made tit a little boring to watch, and didn't leave me feeling very inspired. The shots were rather bland, but the sound was nice and crisp and we could hear everything that was said.


Not the best inspirational film I've seen. It fell down on a couple of things for me. The most important one: It wasn't inspirational. It just didn't capture my attention and it didn't inspire me at all. I would spend some time while you're concepting to just ask: "Will the audience enjoy this film/find it inspirational?" If you ask yourself "does this film accomplish it's intended purpose?" Then you will find it easier to get a good idea and an interesting script. Anyway, the technical was good in general. One of the only films this heat with nice sound.