'Kawaka' by Mass Productions Productions

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This film had a great, simple plot. I felt that there was a problem in that it meant that the film had very little to develop. The 'horror' I expected to feel built at the start beautifully, but, I believe it climaxed too quickly and perhaps dragged for a while. Great camera work and acting.


Wonderful cinematography of a cemetery, visually one of the best so far. Also a really nicely creepy villain and a particularly unlucky Nicky Brick.

The story could've used more development. It quickly became repetitive and the abrupt killing at the end kind of let down the previous "will-she won't-she?" build-up. That build-up was done really nicely though, with some clever and creepy shots of the sickle.


This film start very well with the shots of nature, and the music really helped to give a feeling of tension. Nice shallow focus made it visually very appealing, and good job with lens flares. Sound unfortunately wasn't very good, with the mike peaking a huge amount when the guy tied to the tree shouted. The actress was very creepy as the psychotic ex-girlfriend. This film would have been greatly improved by some fake blood, and effects make up; the lack of blood on the scythe really annoyed a train-spotter like me. Overall an enjoyable watch - 6/10.


I quite liked this film. A nice concept for horror, but the script and story got a bit boring, and horror films shouldn't be boring. It started too slowly with all the establishing shots. No matter how beautiful they were they didn't add to the story, and frankly dragged on for too long. I liked your props though, and acting was excellent. An easy thing to improve would have been your sound quality, which wasn't great.