'Blue Ice' by Handcranked Productions

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Blue Ice
Urban Legend
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I had high hopes as this film started with a funny start. The creepy dude in a red suit was hilarious, but unfortunately your film lacking any structure. You fulfilled the urban legend genre with the blue ice myth in one of the grossest things I've seen in V48Hours.
Once again the problem was that your story made no sense. The running over gag was funny, but unrelated.
With some structure I could see this becoming a hilarious film.


This had a really funny opening and a simple story told well. I was a bit confused about how the "blue ice" urban legend fit in, what it meant and what exactly the legend was. A particularly unlucky ending for Nicky Brick, which was done well, especially after setting him up as an easy character to dislike. One VERY disgusting moment.


A great start to the film. Very funny. But I found the film in general was all over the place and had a lot of things that were put in there purely to make people laugh. In other words, I felt the film lacked a story, it was more a series of gags. None the less it was funny, so good job on that front. Technical aspects were all OK, nothing special, and acting was good in general.


Handcranked. A byword for awesomeness/oddity/surprise/bizarre and cool.
Its a long time between drinks for these guys, but the weird gets stronger and more profound every year.

Where do you get a big eared red bear suit on a Saturday morning, unless you actually own one?!
Waitati. Nuf' said.

Good camera and angles, crisp clean audio and real interest generated by the few characters.

Audience loved it, too. always a good time with Handcranked, I surely hope to see their names in the Finals list.