'Annabel's Shadow' by Gothic Detective Agency

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Annabel's Shadow
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Quite a clever film about a heroin addict, but it was unfortunately let down in some areas. In numerous scenes lighting is an issue, being much to dark. The over exposure at the start was quite a nice touch to show it was a flashback.
In some places there was peaking of the mike, and the ambiance was uneven between cuts and too loud. But mainly the sound was quite average. The music certainly was an asset and really gave it a strong sense of atmosphere.
The story was quite simple, but told in a rushed fashion which made it hard follow. The compulsory line was included well, and it didn't seem out of place.


This film started off well, sound was a hitch, but I was gripped by the story. The development however left a little to be desired. I wanted to know a little more about the main character. There was only so much I wanted to see him 'shoot up' in the space of seven minutes to establish his addiction.


I'm not sure I really got this I'm afraid. I got the basic gist, but I think I missed a larger over arcing story line (he killed the girl in his heroine dreams?). The drug use was an interesting decision and was well executed. The lighting although dark and grainy added to the gritty feel of the film, but unfortunately the muffled sound didn't add and just distracted from the story.
Great mood throughout the whole thing though and the contrast between the sharp bright dream world and the dark gritty real world was very nice.


There were some very good aspects to this film - an unusual take on the genre, and the interesting spin on the lessening effects of taking drugs stood out. Visually the film wasn't so good, especially in the darker scenes, although I was still able to tell what was going on (just), and it was a shame the sound was out of synch with the picture in some scenes as well. I also felt like the amount we saw the lead shooting himself up was pretty excessive - it's a powerful, shocking thing to see once or twice but after a while starts to become off-putting, and doesn't really develop the story.


Pretty good film. Nice atmosphere etc. Sound wasn't great, but all in all good.