'The White Lady' by Bun-Dun "Southern Pride"

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The White Lady
Urban Legend
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Dawdling plot, no sense of pace, a big lot of nothingness in general. Lighting and location sound were pretty shoddy. Good effort trying to shoot in a car though, and the ending picked up dramatic tension in a pretty effective way. It's a shame about the 75% of the film which should have ended up on the cutting room floor. 1.5 stars, upgraded to 2 for a decent fist of the end.


Good stuff. Story could have done with some work though. Voice was a bit hard to hear at times. The ending was also hard to understand. Not entirely sure which genre that you were trying to get at. Acting and camera were nice though!


Great potential as an idea. The in-car camera work was good. I thought the pacing was a little off. It maybe needed narration or more set-up on who or what the white lady was.


The film felt unbalanced, with too much time dedicated at the start to events that had no relevance to the story, and not enough at the end when the actual meaningful events took place. The legend of 'The White Lady' needed to be expanded on, and the dialogue felt unnatural. Still, decent technically, and definitely not terrible - Hope you guys try again next year. Half a star deducted for the incredibly hamfisted incorporation of the elements.


There was potential in this as a story and could have been a good take on the genre, but sound issues initially and a failure to stay focused on the narrative of the urban legend let the film down. Also Nicky Brick's "unluckiness" was fairly trivial (dropping things, slipping over etc). Good ideas, let down by execution.