'Perfect' by Boss Thrust

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A neat little crime thriller, quite first-person-shooter-like in a lot of places. Lots of corridors and targeted takings-out of henchmen. Fairly predictable plot but who cares.

Odd to see security footage with lovingly panned hand-held camerawork, but a badass music soundtrack made up for that. 3 stars.


This was a good short. You took a very nice take on the Crime genre, and I thought it worked quite well.
There were a few audio problems, and at times the speech was bordering on incomprehensible. Visually however, it was of a very professional standard. It was lit beautifully, and the shot choices were superb.
Acting and costuming were subtle and appropriate.
Your story idea was definitely a good one, and the tone of the film was very appealing. I thought the shooting was overused - it became bland and confusing, I thought it could have been more inventive.
Nevertheless, it came across well, and I was impressed by the film.


Wow you guys, this film oozed style. Great silencer gunshot sound. Great voice over. Great plot twists. It was a "perfect" crime film.

The acting was very real, especially the person who did the voice over, really had me convinced. Costuming and set was also good, both gave the impression of an actual heist. A couple of things did annoy me a bit though, one being the amount of people killed, back stabbed and set-up. That whole aspect of the story was confusing and could have been reduced to allow for more wit such as the ending.

Camera was all good and the sound was clear too. Lovely folley.


Your film had an astounding amount of style. Your slow mo wasn't the most original use, but worked awesomely. I won't judge you technically due to some set-up problems, but audio was a bit fuzzy and there was quite a bit of noise in the picture. Once again might have just been the screen.
I liked the end twist, although predictable it was very smoothly executed.


Alright, first things first: I am a team member, and I'm giving five stars - rather than the four I think it deserves - to balance out any points previous reviewers may have deducted for shoddy sound. Craig was still wrestling with the faulty audio system as our film was being screened, rest assured that the actual audio track is as smooth and buttery as you could wish.


Really enjoyed this film but found the story confusing and hard to follow. Loved the use of slow motion. Good twist and great use of guns. Subtle, but effective.