'Oldie But A Goodie.' by don't you love it

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Oldie But A Goodie.
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Musical or Dance
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Despite beginning as what I thought was going to be a hip promo for Dunedin by the uni or the polytech or something (misdirection?), it turned into a schoolyard battle. Dance battle, that is. Tough call for a kid team to get Musical/Dance, but with the help of some broadly drawn characters they got through a pretty funny, intentionally crap dance battle. Nice use of slo-mo. Very solid effort, 3 stars by adult standards (I'm not just being nice!). Please keep entering!


A few sound issues and a 'WTF' moment of Grandma turning up, but I really enjoyed the intentional terrible dance-off and Grandma's backflip to save the day.

I also enjoyed the tv news story shot and Grandma's "I did that" line.


Pretty nice film. When people get musical they tend to panic, but I liked the use of dance instead of the typical singing/dancing, and the dancing was done well. A big thing I did notice to do with your story was that the whole dance-battle wasn't really set up as well as it could have been, it seemed forced to fit the genre. Another thing would have been to maybe cut the documentary style start and intros to the characters as it wasn't used for the rest of the film. I did laugh a fair bit during this film, and I love the one line style jokes. In terms of camera work, I would recommend looking at your cinematography and maybe going for something different that static shots.


loved it! made me laugh!


Fairly simple set-up with gangster kids and nerd kids. A few sound problems with the dialogue.

Got better with the dance battle, some pretty funny dance moves.

And then grandma with goblin mask does slow motion backflip. Awesome factor = through the roof.