'Harvest' by Decile One

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Crappy location sound, open air location obvious for horror but worked with it pretty well. Some fun OTT gore in the foley and the recurring visual element of the meat cleaver was most evocative. Nice incorp of the mandatory character's name (incoming call on the iPhone), although the character itself was pretty tangential to the story, as I recall. Nothing to make the whole package stand out but a creditable 3 stars.


There were some very good points to this film.
Camera work was competently managed, and it was edited together well. You certainly achieved many aspects of the horror genre, giving tension to the film.
Sadly, the sound was quite poor and hard to understand which made the film quite difficult to understand at times.
Story could have been very interesting, but it needed to be tighter. You stayed for far too long on your final shots in the kitchen, so that the twist lost most of its impact. The film obviously had a lot of potential, but it didn't quite carry through sorry.


A very poor middle section really let the story drag and slip. Sound and lighting notable enough to turn off half way through. Can't remember the ending, maybe that says something.


Some good and bad stuff in this film. On the positive side there was:
- Some beautiful shots (especially in the tunnels)
- Nice realism with the fake blood etc....
- Did have suspense and was exciting

And on the negative side:
- Story was strange and hard to comprehend motives
- Sound quality was not very good (wind noise + hard to hear what people were saying at times)
- Seemed more like a thriller than a horror, but that's not a big deal

Altogether though a good effort. Well done. The main things to work on would be sound and story.


Interesting short.

Plot was mostly effective, I could feel the audience 'click' when we saw the scene of chopping vegetables.

However the beginning dragged and the ending seemed rushed. Also couldn't hear the dialogue properly in some parts - part of which may have been the sound system. I believe the point was that the locked up girl was the murderer's interest, but Nicky (girl at end) didn't actually make it to the forest? If so, what ironic luck.

Music was understated but matched the scenes.

Favourite character was the creepy kitchen dude, had a very Sherlock's Moriarty vibe. Slightly confusing though, the number of characters seemed superfluous.

I personally couldn't take my eyes off the screen though. Great potential for the next time, clearer dialogue and a tighter cast would help a lot.